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6 Types of Friends Who Are Actually Not Your Friends!

Life is nothing without friends and having a great friend is actually better than having a few crores in your bank account. Because its more fun with them. But at the same time, it is important to have the right ones. Hence we brought out a list of some 5 types of friends who are actually not your friends! So be careful next time!

The ones who will never prioritize you or sacrifice for you even occasionally!


He/she is a type of friend who will never say “no” or cancel his other plans with his buddies to be with you when you need him(not even sometimes!). Though you may do anything for them, leave your office in between or early or say no to your other friends if he/she called you up for your company to have some drinks with. But when you need the same person or when you feel like going out or for going for a drink, he/she will hardly show up.

The one who meets you or asks you to meet only when they have time or according to their time!



They won’t come up & meet you when you need them or their company. Chances are they may not even reply or pick up your call when they are busy. They will call you up to meet when they are free or when they have some spare time when they have nothing to do.

The one who does not respect your time or you as a whole.


He/she is a type of a friend who always insults you, makes fun of you, considers that you are always free & available. He/she may also make you wait when you guys are meeting or suddenly cancel the plans of meeting you because they suddenly got a call from their girlfriend or more important friends to meet. They will even drop you home all of a sudden and ask you to meet later when suddenly their girlfriend calls them up to meet. It means they meet you only when they have nothing to do in their spare time, immediately if they get someobody who they prioritize, they will leave you & kick you sweetly, also you & your time has no value in their life, you are just treated as a shit!

The one who will never ever make you feel special or make you feel good about yourself.


You sell your heart out making them feel special on their birthdays, do crazy things and those little gestures to make them feel at the top of the world & even in general you pamper them differentiating them from your other friends, giving them your first priority but when it comes to you, they will hardly do the same thing for you, its because they don’t value your presence & at the same time they don’t consider you as much a dear or a close friend as much as you consider them to be yours.

The one who always hides something & is Secretive!


They are the type of cunning friends who will never say anything about their life. We empty our hearts out and tell everything we have to share but they will just don’t share it. From the smallest of secrets ot the biggest, they will always keep it with themselves and will let you know when even the world comes to know about it.

The One who lies and does not reply properly!


These are the type of friends who will lie like they are stuck in some important work or an activity, hence could not pick up your call or meet you. In reality they are lying and they just don’t want to meet you. Often, they will not pick up your calls, won’t call you back and reply late to your messages!


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