Day: January 12, 2022

Covid Test Scams

Be Careful – Covid Test Scams out in the Open!

Just when the world was about to reach a level of peace, a new variant called Omnicron has come into action and this time it is being said that Omnicron is less effective but spreads faster. The ones who have been tested Omnicron have shared their experiences that its just a normal viral flu just […]

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NCP's Bhaskar Devadiga and Jignesh Sanghavi
Social News

Free Eye & Dental Check Up Organized by NCP on the occasion of Sharad Pawar’s 81st Birthday

Jignesh B Sanghavi in an interview with “On the occasion of Sharad Pawar’s 81st Birtthday, recently we organized one camp at Shivaji Nagar, opp. Mandapeshwar Caves, Borivali (W) Ward No. 8, Mr. Bhaskarbhai Devadiga  (Gen. Sec. North Mumbai) played a crucial role for this Noble Cause. We had organized a Camp for Eye check […]

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