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Corona has changed lives for the good? Maybe Yes…

May 11, 2020

Corona has affected lives but it has also brought many positive changes. Animals and Birds are enjoying the nature, freely coming out on roads. Can genuinely breathe some better quality of air now. Can see a lot of hygiene everywhere, can see a lot of discipline everywhere, can see myself waking up early, learned so […]

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Its The Year End! It Has Been Great & I am All Fine! Is It?

December 15, 2016

People usually start posting once the year comes to an end..that it was the same…I did nothing…-it was exactly as the last year or other funny posts. But I will say…my 2016 was great. I did many things. I started learning to live alone…and I was all fine. I fell so hard for things, people […]

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The Cute Story Of Ki & Ka…Which Also Defied Male Gender Discrimination! A Must Read For Sure!

October 5, 2016

Yes I watched Ki & Ka yesterday on T.V! It was probably one of my most relatable movies in the recent past. I did not only relate to Arjun Kapoor’s role but I also felt that even if I don’t relate I should probably start relating to his role. Honestly just like him, i don’t […]

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“How online platforms are changing the lives of blue collared jobs” A Must Read!

August 16, 2016

    There was a time when there were no PC’s, the internet was a far-fetched reality. But soon came a generation which brought advancement to the lives of people with path-breaking technologies in the late 20th and 21st century.  The internet changed the way we look at our lives, the way we live our […]

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Okay! This Could Probably Be The Best Speech a Teacher Can Give To Their Students! Hats Off!

July 23, 2016

The excerpts are from a student’s first day at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the professor entered the classroom and selected a few students & asked them what introductory speech would they give to their students in their first day at the class. We must say one of the students came up with a beautiful […]

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