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Don’t We Agree? Sonam Kapoor Has the Best Fashion Sense in India! The Fashion Icon has surely made an Impact Globally!


We have heard of Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, we have heard of Princess Diana to Kate Middleton. Over the years, there have been many fashion icons who have simply fascinated and inspired every girl around the world. From Kate Blanchett and Audrey Hepburn to the current divas like Kylie Jenner and Emma Watson. But all these years we hardly came across an Indian name who could make an impact globally with her fashion sense until we got our very own Sonam Kapoor entering the industry half a decade ago.

After a very, very long time has a girl or we can say an actress from India has finally arrived which is ringing all the right bells internationally. Sonam has a flawless and so comfortable sense of fashion that she looks glamorous not only in a Sabyasachi or an Armani gown, but she looks equally good when she picks up something chic from the fashion streets of Mumbai! That’s the best part about her and that’s the reason too why she has the best fashion sense in the industry. Sonam also carries off anything well with her cute girl next door image. At 31, she hardly looks like her age plus she knows the right balance as far as her fashion sense is concerned. She neither goes over the top or ends up too revealing & she is neither too dull or boring which makes her stand apart.


Today it’s because of her fashion sense, she is being approached from the top designers around the world. She is getting recognized in the west, she is nailing the red carpets every time she appears, she is appearing in top fashion and lifestyle magazines including Vogue, Elle, harpers bazaar and Grazia amongst a lot of others!

Sonam finds fashion as an art, it’s her passion, the goofy actress simply enjoys every bit of the term called ‘fashion’ and that’s one of the major reasons she succeeds as a global fashion icon unlike other actresses who just follow the latest fashion trends just for the heck of it, unlike others, she creates trends. She is the eye-candy of top fashion houses around the world, she is loved & followed by millions of girls from India as well as internationally.

We are not sure about her Bollywood career where she has done only 11 films in the last 8 years, though she has some awesome movies to her name like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Neerja and Raanjhana to her name. The movie Aisha also brought a fashion revolution to India where it was funnily claimed by his co-star Abhay Deol, that more money was spent on her dressing than the overall production of the movie! In short we are not sure about how many people will remember her when she will turn 60 as an actress but she will for sure be remembered as the only fashion icon of India in all these years!


Haineel Shah


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