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ROMA DUTIA’s-‘7 To The Other Side’…An Intriguing Novel which we all should read once!



Roma Dutia- She is young, she is passionate and more importantly even taking all her achievements apart, she is a thorough intellectual who has been gifted with a skill of storytelling. She must be amongst the most promising  lot of authors & that too at such a raw and young age.

She has come out with a great novel ‘7 To The Other Side’which broke into the Top 50 Amazon Best Sellers in the Contemporary Fiction Category in less than 48 hours of it’s release.


“7 To The Other Side” is a young adult drama revolving around the phenomenon that humans have 7 minutes of brain activity after death. The story follows Joshua White as he relives his life through defining moments of his life.

(Above is the link)

Lets read some fantastic stuff written by her and also encourage young authors like her!

Roma has displayed a lot of confidence in her stunning & interesting debut novel!” Considering that her 1st book was a highly imaginative yet realistic depiction of characters which was finely expressed, we are already waiting Roma for your 2nd book to hit the shelves asap!

Three Cheers to Roma…keep up the good work…we are sure you have a long long way to go!



Haineel Shah




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