10 Awesome International Songs You Must Hear To No Matter What Your Mood Is!

Someone rightly said music has no language, if the music and song is good, you will just connect with it no matter what the language or the genre of the song is!! Here we bring out a list of 10 awesome songs you must hear atleast once!

Bala Bala- By Mohammad Salem


Doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the language, the song ahs so much peppiness and energy, it will bring you to life. Though the song is Arabic, but you will connect with every beat and lyric of the song and will lift your mood from nowhere!

My Love- By Majid Jordan


I don’t know how many have listened to this song and how many of them even know who is Majid Jordan. But let me tell he is the new kid on the block and the song is awesome. Takes you to a different zone altogether! It also features drake!

 Happy- By Pharell Williams


Happy by Pharell Williams literally makes you happy. Just listening to it once in a day changes your mood and gives you positive thoughts and vibrations!! One of the most cheerful and peppy songs for sure!

13 Pound Cake- By Paris Morton ft. Drake


This is a very serious song and takes you to an altogether different zone. The dark yet catch music, the composition, the lyrics, everything is just totally out of the world! A song you must hear, takes you to a different world!

Lean On-By Major Lazer


If there is one song I would dance instantly on even if it starts playing on the roads, it is Lean on from Major lazer. The beats, the soundtrack, the awesome energy and peppiness in this song is unmatched! Also the music is very unique yet it makes you addicted to listen to it again and again!

My Angel- Prince Royce


This song from Fast and furious has won the hearts of people around the world. It also made Price Royce an overnight star. Amazing song to play in your car and impress your girl! The music and beats are totally youthful and attractive! Also it has awesome lyrics!

Hello- By Adele


This song is so deep, dark and full of intense love and emotions. One of the best songs of Adele which will touch your heart. It will make you fall in love again!  

Me & You- By Cassie


Me and You is a proper out and out energy buster. You can play it in your car or your gym. Girls may like it a lot but overall the song is really sexy and you should hear it atleast once!

Eres Mia-By Romeo Santos


Listening to this song, you will fall in love with the music, the singer and this genre. The king of bachata will win your heart with this awesome song. Though its Spanish, you will connect with the song anyways!

Thousand Years- By Christina Perri


If you still haven’t listened to this song, make sure you do, one of the all time and best love songs ever! Christina perri at its best. This song will remind you of every moments you spent with your lover, your ex, the fights, the good moments and it will go on. One of the most cutest and addictive love songs ever!


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