10 Reasons Why Indian Police Sucks! Like Literally!

Yes they are the protectors of our land & this is an honorable job but the Indian Police is nowhere near being the protectors of our land & being honorable. No Offence, I don’t mean to hurt them but its my point of view and its just my opinion!

Helmets! Really?


The police here themselves don’t wear any helmets and if they find us, they fine us heavily! Sometimes even fight with us if we don’t wear it. Like really guys?

Every crime has a MRP/budget!


From as low as Rs50 to Rs 25,000, each and every sort of offence or crime can be washed off and unofficially solved. Don’t have a license, maybe a few hundred bucks, no helmets, maybe just 50Rs, caught drunk and drive, keep 25,000 cash ready!

Sycophantic Attitude!


Yes I mean it, the Indian Police is totally sycophantic, if they know that you are a big politician or a lawyer’s son, no matter how cheap and illiterate you are, you will get the respect and salute from havaldars and police. The Indian Police is highly biased and strongly favors the rich or socially or politically powerful.

Late Latifs


The bomb explodes but still they are sipping teas in their stations. They probably don’t know about it. Only when they hear it, watch it on TV or someone informs or complains them, they will rush to the site to pick the dead bodies and cordon off the area. But what about the vigilance and the terrorists who entered and vanished?

Women are never safe


Let me know atleast one city in India where we can proudly say that the city has never witnessed a rape or woman harassment. Our mothers/sisters/daughters/girlfriends/wives, no one is safe in this Country. Once the clock reaches 12 at night, there is no way we can send them anywhere alone. In fact that is the reason we always say to them “Sambhal ke jana” and “Pahuch ke call ya text karna”

No Justice


If you ever thought there is fair justice inside police station, no, there is not. Even if you are literally raped, robbed or killed, they will make you sit for an hour solving petty cases of others or preferring their pehchan wale log first, then when they make you sit, they will ask you the silliest of questions, prepare an FIR which takes atleast an hour and make a false promise that they will look up to the case.



Longevity here applies for negative aspect. Here there are thousands of pending cases which have not been solved since so many years due to some or the other silly petty reasons. Sometimes we don’t understand why it takes so time? Sometimes even they know who the real criminal is, but still, since the case is pending, they are not arrested.

Inventor of ‘Chai-Paani’


Now let me tell you, the whole concept, this word called “Chai-paani” was invented by the Indian Police, caught on the highway without licence or PUC done, bhai thoda chai paani karwo do hamara? This is what they will say. If your crime is big and almost from all the road side stalls and vendors, its called ‘Kharcha-paani’the hafta, since they unofficially allow them to work on the roads!


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