Delhi’s “Makhan Maar Ke” – Ghar Ka Khana outside Ghar in Mumbai…

Makhan Maar Ke

Over the years Mumbai has seen a tremendous spurt in the food industry. You go to any malls or bylanes of Mumbai, there will be various types of cuisines available but one thing which only a foodie would agree on is 8 out of 10 places just makes transactional food products which lacks taste and emotions. The food scene in Mumbai has become such that 5 out of 10 places run a franchise which merely sells food on their brand name value without any food expertise.  To find an authentic taste, flavor and cuisine in Mumbai, you really need to shell out big bucks and there are very limited places who would satisfy your taste buds.

However, on a rainy day at evening during this lockdown, we came across a small quaint shop in the bylanes of Mahavir Nagar (Kandivali West) which for one moment would just appear to be a regular run of the mill takeaway restaurant but when we as “dieheard foodies” made a food investigation into the same it was more than just a takeway place, it was a place of young start up entrepreneurs who had invested their hard earned money, soul and passion into creating what was known as “Makhan Maar Ke

My very 1st tryst with “Makhan Maar Ke” was when I knew nothing about this place and merely made a gamble of buying a Punjabi Dal Makhni Thali at Rs 167/- since I was damn hungry. When I went back home, I realized I just attained the Dal Makhni orgasm which i was looking for since years! The texture, the thickness, the creaminess, the buttery saltiness and the right blend of spices made me drool over their Dal Makhni. Trust me, I have gone to numerous places across Mumbai, might have shelled out 300-500 bucks only for Dal Makhni but could never attain that taste which I was always looking for and then i hit the right spot with these guys.

Post that experience I had their thalis thrice and everytime they brought a smile on my face…. For all those who don’t know, Delhi, Chandigarh and Punjab is considered  to be the mecca of north Indian food and those who have growned up eating food in delhi would find a hard time to satisfy their taste buds in Mumbai because the amount of emotions, generosity, quality and aesthetics which Delhites bring to their food, Mumbai can never be on par with Delhi in that case!

Soon I got to catch up with the owners and that’s where i realized where all this taste came from! Even though Makhan Maar Ke is run by a team of young promising entrepreneurs, one of them i got to meet was Masterchef Ashish Massey, the man who is not only the co-owner but also a professional chef. Ashish is a guy who has years of experience as a Professional Chef, he has also worked at Taj and most importantly he & his mates are all from Delhi pursuing restaurant business in Mumbai. Hence, the mystery got solved and my judgement proved right, that the man behind that delicious typical Delhi North Indian fare was a homebred Chef from Delhi. Even the kitchen staff of “Makhan Maar Ke” are equally skillful from UP and Delhi.

When we met Ashish last time, he fed us Pyaaz Kachori which I can guarantee you was the best we tasted in last 6 months. Such was the taste, we called Ashish the next day at 9 pm for his Kachoris and he was more than happy to feed us! Our next visit, it was his brother who fed us Pizza Kulcha and again it was soft, succulent and something which we had not experienced so far since a long time.

The moment you take the first bite, you will realize, the taste is not at all “Mumbai’ish” & that’s where these guys are bringing in their USP. We might not be able to go to Delhi but now we have a chef from Delhi who will ensure all our cravings are satisfied right at our doorsteps & that is why I would not call this place a typical “run of the mill restaurant”

Most of the kitchens in Mumbai are not run by professional chefs, they are run by desi unqualified cooks who have a textbook formula to whip up mass produced dishes in the most robotic manner while this place is curated & headed by a former Taj Chef, so you are basically able to relish food under the expertise of a Culinary Chef who used to earlier work for 5 star hotels which makes this an exclusive experience at the same cost you would pay to any other typical restaurant.


By Haineel Shah

Sr. Editor (


Dishes to try-

Dal Makhni Thali, Soya Chaaps, Kachoris & much more….

Find them on Instagram:

Order Online:

On Zomato | Makhan Maar Ke, Shop-13, Shivkrupa Shivdham CHS, Satya Nagar Road, Borivali West, Mumbai

Some of their food pictures:



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