Eradicate the word “Corona” if you actually want to get rid of it – A Must Read Article



It’s been 3 years since Covid-19 has wrecked havoc into our lives, the economy has been disrupted, millions of people have lost their lives, half of them through Corona and half of them because of the unemployment, loss of business and depression which they faced because of Corona. The world came to a standstill, schools, colleges, malls, airports, trains, hotels, resorts, gyms, clubs everything was shut down and humans were deprived of basic things in life.

It’s been more than 3 years now but certain elements of the world doesn’t want us “the normal humans” of the world to start resuming normal lives. Just when we thought everything was over and we could start living a normal life, a new variant came in last year and again lockdown was inflicted for 8-9 months. Just when we came out of it again after a long hiatus came Delta Variant and again negativity was spread across the stratosphere and the economy alongwith human lives got dragged down again.

Cut down to December 2021 and now another variant called OMNICRON is doing the rounds? Do you really feel this is a natural disaster or a disease spread due to certain animals? Okay the first time around, we accepted the fact that it came from Chinese slaughterhouses, even though it’s been largely claimed & even proved that it came out from a Chinese Virology Lab and it was an intentional human mistake which led to its spread.

Today most of the countries including U.S, UK, Russia & China from where it originated have returned to Normalcy but still certain Countries and most importantly India have time and again been made scapegoats to Covid restrictions. Yes not denying the fact that Covid virus was real, it did spread but that’s the end of it, the world, the larger of part of the media including the print and social media made this disease much much more dreadful than it actually was! There was a time in 2019-20 where almost everyday, every single article, every single whatsapp message, every single video and every single news on TV Channel were only talking, discussing and creating content about Corona. How people are dying from Corona, the death counts being updated every minute, the miseries which comman man went through and we as Indians kept on consuming such content 24/7 for almost 2 years conditioning our minds that life is over, the world is over, now no one can do anything, but is it really the real story? The answer is NO…

The real answer is, for god’s sake we need to move on from this word “COVID” & “CORONA”. For the record, people in India are largely getting vaccinated, the cases are dropping everyday, everything is resuming back to normal with schools, colleges, malls, gyms, theatres, trains and flights resuming back to normal operations. If we talk about Mumbai, more than 80% of the population is vaccinated now, there have been next to zero deaths registered due to Covid since many weeks, there are hardly any new cases being reported but still as soon as we heard about this word “OMNICRON” certain or let’s say maximum section of population who are outright consumed about anything related to Corona have started circulating negative messages about lockdown, about OMNICRONS’s danger, about all possible negative things which can happen to us again, are we all sure WE AGAIN WANT TO LIVE THAT COVID LOCKDOWN LIFE AGAIN?

If your answer is a big “NO”, than it’s a humble request to stop circulating messages in any form about Covid to your friends, relatives, colleagues or anyone who is close to you. The fear of the disease created in minds is actually more dangerous than the actual disease. We as responsible citizens need to understand, that the change will begin from “YOU”, yes “YOU”, if one person can make a difference to the world, just imagine what if we all stand united and start making a difference? Yes we don’t need to ignore the fact that Covid is a disease but that’s about it, it’s just like any other disease like HIV, Cancer, Jaundice, Typhoid, Malaria and it should be treated normally. It’s high time we spread positivity in the world and get rid of this malicious word Corona from our lives as soon as possible.

By the way, for a fact, do you know, COVID has been affecting majorly the popular developed and developing countries only. In countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Libya, Bangladesh, Pakistan and many remote areas of Kashmir, Syria and many more under developed or less popular parts of the world, Corona is not even existent there, people don’t even know about it and they are living their regular lives and do you know why? It’s because there isn’t much of social media, print media, online media or visual media access or privilege to humans in those countries which has proved to be a BLESSING IN DISGUISE.

Also, speaking from a personal experience and many would relate to it, almost we all have been infected with Covid once, if not us, our friends, colleagues, neighbors or family members, it’s from a first hand experience, the Covid isn’t that deadly as it is being portrayed. I, the author of this article was infected with Covid in 2019, got out of it with just home quarantine in mere 8 days, my 82yr old grand mother stayed with me in the same house during quarantine, took care of me and she wasn’t affected by it, my father got affected with Covid in March 2021. I stayed with him for 4 days in the same room as he was not well, ate food with him as we initially thought it was a regular seasonal flu/fever and weakness, my father came out of it in 14 days and I wasn’t affected at all. My close friend came from United States in October 2021, he brought along & got infected with Delta Variant, one of our friends who went to pick him up from Airport was still safe and healthy. My friend who got the Delta variant also recovered in 9 days. My neighbors who are 88 and 90yrs old respectively got infected in 2019 during first wave and they came back happy and healthy from the hospital in 15 days. The reason behind sharing these examples is, yes Covid does exist but we shouldn’t fear it or let it take over our lives, we need to treat it as just another regular disease and live our life with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

We often come across people from all age groups just waiting for one negative update related to Covid and start putting whatsapp statuses, start circulating messages about it, start posting it on facebook and other platforms and even discuss it over the phone with their friends, colleagues and relatives. If we keep doing this, the world is not going to come out of this anytime sooner, it’s high time we realize and replace our conversations and social media content with “Yes we need to start living regular lives, yes there is nothing to worry, yes we will stay safe, yes we won’t succumb this time, yes we need to be positive and stop letting Corona win over humans, yes we need to stop ourselves and others from making news related to Covid getting viral…only then will we see a ray of light which will offer a sunshine to the entire human race of this World.

New variants and new diseases will keep coming, that’s a part of life, but we don’t need to let them over rule our lives. We have already suffered alot, we have suffered more than we ever imagined, we have lost crucial 2-3 yrs of our lives doing nothing but sitting at home scrolling covid related messages atleast once in a day. Now, we need to be smart and wise in consuming content which we come across on print, online & offline media and treat every disease with the correct attitude. Today’s 50% of the content circulating on mobile devices and social media platforms is either cringe, bogus or spreading false information and we as consumers need to be smart and understand that we don’t need to buy each and every content which is being spread, sent or communicated to us through any medium.

Thanks for reading a relatively long article. Stay Positive, Stay Safe.

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