10 Reasons Why Life Is A Hell Without Best-Friends & Why Having A Best Friend Is A Must!

Whats the use of money, fame and power if you don’t have someone to share with. Best friends are more important than anything in life! They are the ones on whom we can rely on on any part of the day! They are the ones with whom we can share everything & anything and still not feel embarrassed! Hence we bring out some top reasons why life can be a hell without them!

Stress Buster


A best friend is the only creature in the world with whom you can relax and relieve your stress and vent out whatever you are going through. A bestie will quickly come to know if something is wrong with you and immediately ask you to say what’s happening with you and you can literally lighten up with them at any moment of the day!

You Can Share Anything


Be it your crush, your sexual fantasies and adventures, your top secrets, your love life, your tensions, your common crush, checking out hot girls/guys and then commenting & bitching about them..! You can literally share anything with them. That said, you also share your clothes, cars and money if needed.

Inside Jokes and Language


The dirtiest and lamest of inside jokes which only you two can understand and laugh crazily on. Your secret code language and words which you use to communicate when you don’t want others to know what you are discussing, Everything happens only with a bestie!

Your Official Advisor!



Need support & advice on your troubled relationship, your education or job, your future, your finances, they are ready to dol out the best advice to you like a dad or an elder brother. Their advice is 24 by 7 ready even when sometimes you don’t need it!

Your Gossip Buddy!


Gossiping & chatting on anything for hours, bitching about others, talking about those hot chicks/baes you met last night at a party and again bitching on them, making fun of others, talking about the future or just talking dirty, you can literally gossip about anything with your best friend.

Your Drink and Bitching Buddy!


Ever felt like venting out crass words and ugliest of things for someone, you know whom you should do this honorable activity with. A few pegs down and you guys are in your own world.

Your Biggest Competitor


If he/she bought a new iphone you start feeling jealous, if he/she is flirting with a really hot chick/guy you go crazy jealous, you try to peep into their chats. If they get more marks then you, they are gone! Truly said, best friend is always your biggest competitor.

For Crazy Times & Adventures!


Drinking at the terrace tops, puking at parties, late night drives, hukah’s, wild house parties, insane flirting, pranks, mischeives, doing something which is actually not allowed, secretly going out midnight for a smokes & drives, bunking for a movie, all the stupidest and craziest of things can happen only if you have a best friend!

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/mother/father/sister/brother all in one!


Depending on the situation and demands they will change roles in your life, they will act like your elder brother or like a father when you need them in times of stress or difficult times, similarly they will be your best bitch mates during good times!

Your emergency helpline


Be it when you need a pair of clothes to go out, if you need a car to go out on a date or if you simply need some money or you just need them, they are available at any part of the day in your life. They are just one phone call away even if its 3 in the night!


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