16 Types Of People We All Come Across In Big Fat Indian Weddings!

Be it destination wedding or any wedding……we will always come across some steriotypes who are present in every Indian weddings! The article is very hilarious and relatable and hence we brought a list of some 16 types of people we always come across in Big Fat Indian Weddings!


Hot & Beautiful Girls/Women with lots of make-up and expensive traditional dresses!



Trust me, every Indian wedding has either cute, hot, beautiful or sensual girls and women alike who are crazy to look at their best! They spend days and hours just for that one dress and a makeup to look good in that function! Then in the function, they stare at each other and compare inside their minds on who looks good and what the other girl is wearing!! They want to look their best even better than the bride so that the young guys in that function get attracted towards them and they start flirting & also start getting more & more offers from their moms!!

Young Flirts!


Every Indian wedding has those typical young guys whose sole reason to come to the function is to bird watch the beautiful girls out there and even try approaching them and flirt with them if possible! Ever heard “Make friendship with lots of women in your friend’s or brother’s wedding” that’s actually true!

A Senior Uncle Who Thinks All The Responsibilty Of Wedding is On Him!


They are always full of advice even when it is not needed. They are very free and retired and they have nothing to do. Hence they enjoy a lot in such functions, also they think that their guidance & advice is very much needed but trust me, in reality, its not!

That uncle or a cousin who is a great dancer!


These people take part in every occasion and function of the wedding. Right from Sangeet ceremony to Baraat, they are active, sporty and participate in every event. They are also great dancers and the most cheerful lot of dancers in the family. They dance like crazy and even force others to do so!!

That Hot Babe You Are Totally Smitten by & infatuated with!


That hot girl from ladkiwale’s side. She maybe the bride’s college friend or a cousin sister! But who cares. She is too hot and you can’t take your eyes of her! The way she dresses, her hair and those gorgeous Indian looks makes you totally infatuated with her. You get so smitten, that she is the reason why you dress up at your very best for any function at the wedding!

A Brother or a friend who is always on a lookout for a secret quick drink or a smoke!


Then there will always be those type of guys in the marriage who are always waiting for an opportunity to grab a smoke in a corner with someone or take a quick shot of drink. No doubt they are the most coolest and carefree people in the function and they are cool to hang out with too if you don’t have any company! They are also full of interesting conversations!!

 An emotional father of the bride who is under a ton of pressure with everybody to talk and greet, manage the function & its expenses and never cry even while her daughter is on Bidaai!

Mahesh Thakur and Alok Nath as Sadhana and Ragini''''''''s father in Sapna Babul Ka.. Bidaai

He is the guy who is the most serious and tensed in the wedding. He has to take care of the guests, do proper mehman-nawazi towards the groom’s family, handle the huge expenses of wedding and bear the loss of her daughter too!! You will always find them running from one place to another, all busy!!


Aunties who are all but bitching about each other’s as well as other people’s dresses, make-up, looks and affairs!


Then comes the gang of aunties whose sole profession is to attend weddings and other sort of functions, do kitty parties and do lots of bitching!! Beaware of them as they can be really manipulative!! They scan each and every guest at the wedding and also all the young virginal beauties who can be perfect for their son!

Old Dada and Dadi’s sitting in the front row who will ask you “Beta ab teri shaadi kab hai” “ab iske liye dhundna chalu karo”!!


Then comes the dose of the seniors. They are usually in the first and second rows of every function. They can barely walk and chew food but still they make it to the wedding as they think the wedding cannot be done without the presence of seniors. You have to greet them, touch their legs everytime you meet them and they have the same set of questions to ask- “Beta padhai ho gayi?” “Ab iski bari hai?” “ Ab iske liye dhundhna chalu karo” or “ Beta ab teri shaadi kab hai?”

One oversmart guy who thinks he is the Hritik Roshan of the wedding and stupidly walks in over loaded shiny blazers, glares and other irrelevant accessories!


He also thinks that he looks good while he is dancing and looks more smart while he is conversating with random people in the function and thinks that girls are getting impressed by all this!!

Children Running Around & Playing Like They got an Open Playground!


You will always come across a lot of small children who are forcefully made to wear mini suits or traditional clothes by their parents!! They are always running around and playing inside the hall or in and around the house or the venue. These little kids are hardly aware of what’s going on inside the hall. All they know is that they have got an awesome place to stroll and play around!!

One Really Helpful person towards the Groom!


He is the guy who is always besides the groom, always helping him out with whatever he needs and whatever he wants, sitting behind him on the stage collecting the gifts and the covers as well as letting him know again and again to touch up his face and comb his hair!! He maybe anybody right from his cousin to his friend or some in-law!

Heavy Eaters! Like They Had Never Seen Food Before!


These are the people who wait when will the starters start to come and the juices start to flow by!! Once they are started, then they eagerly wait when will that starter reach them!! They also take a quick look at the menu even before the lunch or the dinner starts and immediately  start to gorge on it once the lunch or dinner buffet is ready to serve! When you look at their dishes, you get amazed at their abilities to manage 100 items in a single plate!!

An overly tensed mom who is worried about the wedding function to get successfully completed and is worried about the minute details of the function, her daughter and her in-laws!



She is the most sensitive and worried person in the function and is tensed about the minutest of things. She strives for everything to be perfect and there should be no room for any complaints from the guests or her daughter’s in laws!!

A Surprise or a V.I.P Guest who just comes for five minutes and goes after photo-ops!    


Like this happens only in India! Still not able to figure out what does we try to prove when we call such stupid VIP Guests just for their one minute presence. We beg to them days in advance, to some we even pay money just for their 5 minute presence. That is so totally bullshit! Then we take selfies and talk for a few minutes and then they disappear! Like are they even needed at the first place? Fake show of class and status is too much in India!

And Last But Not The Least-

Selfie Addicts!


He or she is the one who has taken atleast 300-500 selfies in the entire function. With different people and with different poses and pouts!! Their sole activity is to dress well, take selfies, dance, socialize and eat & trust me its fun!!Lol!


  • By Haineel Shah

–  Gossipwale

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