5 Things We Boys Go Through When A Girl Gives Her Phone Number and Texts You First!

The girl who we had been stalking for the longest time, the girl whose glimpse could make our day and the girl on whom we had a huge crush, imagine, one fine day she gives her number! These are the five moments every boy goes through when a girl gives her phone number!

We Start Dancing From Inside!


We literally feel like dancing in joy and we look for the most loneliest spot where we can just loosen up and dance like crazy!

We begin to Wonder That She Is Interested In Us!


She just gave her number,” Ohh fuck she seems to be interested in me” is the first thing which comes to our mind but in reality its nothing like that, she just gave it for the sake of it or you were just trying too much, hence out of pityness!

We Start To Think, That Its Time To Impress Her With Our Chatting Skills!

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We got her number, a huge task completed, but now the main thing starts! We start analyzing on how we will impress her with our chatting, what to text? What to ask? What to start the chat with? Hundreds of things starts running in our mind.

We Setup A Target Of Making Her Our Girlfriend Within A Month!


Now comes the next big thing after making her our friend, getting her number and after starting the chatting we finally promise ourselves and setup a target within our minds to make her our girlfriend in the next few weeks or months to come!

We Wait Anxiously On What She Will Reply & How Things Will Go Ahead With Her!


After the first message we send to her, we anxiously wait for what she would reply! We even start becoming possessive for her if she starts replying late or doesn’t reply! That said we also wait with all the eagerness how things may progress with her!


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