5 Things Which We Feel Like Doing When A Girl Calls Us Bro!

All this time you were building dreams of hanging out with her, after that long hours of texting, you also planned of impressing her and making her your girlfriend and all of a sudden from nowhere she calls you bro. Girls just don’t realize that calling us “bro” is a crime in the boy world. Its equal to asking them their real age or letting them know how much fat they are looking even after losing weight!

Punch Her Right In The Face!


Like we are not joking, we literally feel like doing so!

Walkout Straightaway!

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Now what is the use of sitting with her in the college canteen or that coffee shop and wasting the precious time. Its time to walk out immediately and forget that such a person ever existed in your life.

Feel Jealous Of Your Friend Who Got Saved From The Bro Tag!


Your best friend is still having a good time with that girl who dropped the ‘B’ bomb on you, they are still texting and hanging out! You feel like killing both of them, isn’t it?

No Need To Long Text, Compliment & Pamper Her Anymore!


Now girls you will totally get to see our different side, no more texting especially long texting from us, no more compliments and pampering from our side because you just made us the victim of your “B” bomb!

Now We Don’t feel The Need To Impress Her Anymore!


Now no need for us to dress as a cool dude, no need to be stylish and behave like a gentleman, now we care the least on what you think about us and we are going to be ourselves from the moment you dropped that “B” bomb!



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