Hilarious! 5 Things Which We Boys Go Through When Sunny Leone Comes On-Screen!

We all admit that we fantasize about Sunny Leone occasionally & surely when we are watching her movies! I mean the movies we watch on-screen! People of all age groups are crazy behind her, uncles, grand-uncles. College boys and even teenagers! Hence we compiled a list of things which we males go through when Sunny Leone comes on-screen!

Our Eyes Pop Out!


Watching her cute face always shining with a smile, that silky woven hair, those cute hotshots and short tees!! Our eyes do pop out for a second looking at her gorgeousness!!

Pants Tighten Up!


Lol!! And then comes the intimate scene she does so effortlessly, it shakes us from inside and heats us our every nerve!! I guess the smarter ones would understand what I mean to say when pants tighten when watching her on-screen!

Sometimes we become restless!


This moment even I have experienced it myself while watching mastizaade! Sunny is so hot on the screen be it her dance, her sensual moves, her dressing sense or her oomph factor! It becomes difficult for us to sit in a one small seat watching her for two-three hours!

Washrooms needed please!


Hahahaha!! This moment I have again seen from my eyes while watching mastizaade, during the movie, 80% of the population was male crowd and during intervals almost half of the theatre was empty going to washrooms! I hope you guys can understand why!

Fantasizing about her even after the movie is over!


Yes this is so true, be it any of her movies, we boys fantasize about her in different scenarios and relax ourselves!! Be it while going to the office, while bathing or in the washroom or while sleeping, there comes a moment or two we all must have fantasized about her atleast once!! The hangover of watching Sunny Leone movies lasts for a long time, isn’t it?


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