The story of Rich Boys vs Poor Boys in India! This is how many people would respond to them in India! (If not in India, atleast in Mumbai and Delhi)

Unlike the other developed countries like U.A.E, U.S and U.K, India is a country where there is a huge gap between the classes of people. While some people in India are all super rich and living a great lifestyle, while some are just poor or middle class. There is a huge gap where the rich gets richer in India and the poor and middle-class keep on surviving and never rise. Hence we made an awesome article to differentiate the lifestyle of a Rich boy and a poor boy and how people respond and treat them under different scenarios.

(Note- These are scenarios where the girl is totally aware about both the guys. How one is super cool and rich with a good lifestyle and how other guy is just another college kid who comes to the college in a bus or a shared taxi or a rickshaw)

Central characters in the plot-

-Rich Guy
-Poor Guy
-A Beautiful Girl

(All study in the same college)

Scenario 1-


1. Rich Boy to a beautiful girl-



“Hey You Look so hot, also you are too cute, Can we go for a coffee?”

 Girl- Awww, so sweet of you, Starbucks is good na?


Poor Guy to the same girl-

images (1)

“Hey You Look Hot, you are so cute too! Can we go for a coffee?”

Girl to the guy-

“You need a slap from me or can you just get lost?” Such a cheap!


Scenario 2


2. Rich boys come in their own swanky cars to the college!


Rich Guy to a girl- Hey, Where do you stay?

Girl- Just nearby, why?

Rich Guy- Ohh great then! I shall drop you and also i can pick you up everyday if you insist, I come in my car from that same route!

Girl- Okay no worries! Cool! Let’s see!



Poor Guy to the girl– Hey, where do you stay?


Girl– Its none of your business bro, what will you do by knowing where do I stay?


Scenario 3
3. Rich Boy- “Hey, what’s your number?”


Girl– Why?

Rich Guy– I was just wondering if we could be friends, hang out together, you know! I also wanted to call you for a party I am hosting after a few days!

Girl- Okay! Cool! Give me your number….


Poor Boy-Hey, What’s your number?”


Girl- Why?

Poor Boy– Who also brings a rose for her and says-I have a huge crush on you, I also follow you on insta and fb! So I just wanted to be friends with you!

Girl- Aww, dats so sweet! But hey m really busy rit now, I need to rush, will catch you later! Cya and thanks!


Scenario 4

Rich Guy-


When the boy is super rich & takes her to a club to party.

Grabs her from the waist & tries to kiss her….
The girl resists for a moment but later gives in!
Also tries to makeout with her while she is totally drunk, eventually makes out.


Poor Guy-


Again brings roses and a few chocolates for the same girl the next day in the college, as college is the only place where he can see or meet her! Also brings important notes so she can complete her assignment quickly!

Girl this time throws it away and informs and warns him one last time to stay away, as she is least interested in him. She thinks the poor guy is stalking and harassing him!

If you are rich and try to harass or molest a women or live your fantasies, its fifty shades of Grey, If you are poor and you harass, its a rape & you get beaten up and jailed!

Note- “HARASSEMENT/MOLESTATION towards women is not acceptable and allowed at the first place.


Scenario 5

Rich Guy’s Birthday!


Too many of his “Friends”I mean to say fairweather friends come at his place at 12 to give him the best surprise ever! Atleast 20-30people show up at his place apart from his relatives and famlily! All the hot girls in their best dresses appear there too! Cakes, booze and music all night! It is followed by a birthday party which he throws where lots of ppl are in attendance. Plus he gets lots of money to spend from his mom-dad too for throwing the party! “Apne Bache ka bday hai!” Lots of gifts and kisses and even make-outs! Mom-dad surprise him by gifiting him the latest iphone while his latest girlfriend arranges something special for him to surprise him followed by sex or lots of make-out as his birthday gift!

Poor Guy”s Birthday!


He is not even sure if someone is going to call him up and wish….but the world is not that cruel! 2-3 of his real best friends dudge money and buy a cake for him. meet him at 12, make him cut the cake and they have smokes together. Dad who is out of town even forgets to call him and wish, most of his cousins also don’t remember his birthday!That’s it, No pre-party, no birthday parties, no after parties! And no one shows up to make him feel special or surprise him. His phone is not even busy when it clocks 12 on the day of his birthday! A few calls where few of his frnds have their reasons why they could not make it at 12 to wish him along with Just a few messages and phone calls on that day in the moring or afternoon or facebook wishes which are obligatory since the poor guy never forgets to surprise his friends and make them feel special!


Note- Its just a message to everybody, have some heart man! Just because someone is poor or not cool or just unhappening does not mean he/she does not deserve things which you think only you deserve. They also fall in love, in fact they have so much to give, not neccassarily in monetary or materialistic terms. Look at the hearts which we have and not the things which we possess. Also stop being a sycophant and judging people on the basis of how rich they are, how cool and good-looking they are. If you want to really judge someone, judge them based on their character, humility, loyalty and hearts.



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