10 Golden Principles on How To Treat Any Women/Girl! A Must Read For All Guys!

A very important article for all the guys out here on some of the basic principles on how to treat any women in your life.


Never ever in your life try to raise your hand or get violent with women. Always remember women are sensitive and it is wrong to raise a hand on them even if they are yelling/fighting or testing your limits. You should know it very well that you are not going to use your hands.


Always give them respect, don’t talk to them with rudeness or attitude. Anyways it will create a bad impression of yours.


Never in your life send a lot of text messages unless she is properly replying and please don’t be over possessive for them. It irritates them a lot.


Being a gentleman, treat her like a queen, pamper her with your love and softness, she will appreciate it a lot.


Don’t forget to do small gestures like opening her doors, letting her walk first or giving her your coat when she is feeling cold, buying her roses, taking her for ice-creams or writing poems!


A Women/girl adores guys who are non violent and non-argumentative. When you are with any girl/women, make sure you don’t show your “violent heroic biceps side” by falling into silly fights and arguments with anyone & everyone. Trust me, though you may think it is impressive, it never looks cool to them! They like guys who talk softly and resolve issues with their brains and calm demeanor’


 Never allow them to pay any sort of bills while you are out on a date, that does not mean that you have to take her baggage. She will dudge or pay anyways but make sure you are the first one to remove your wallet after any dinners or coffees. They find it cute and manly!


Always make time for your mom and daughter, talk with them for a few hours or just take them for a drive. In your busy friend filled and professional life, they crave for your attention and love a lot! Even though, they may not willingly express it to you.


If any Woman is not comfortable with your friendship and texts, stop being an irritating element in her life. She will appreciate and reciprocate it back.


Stop your sexism and viewing women as objects of sex. There is so much more a woman can give and change your entire life. Dig deep into their heart, not her cleavage and respect them more.


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