10 Super Benefits Of Being Self-Employed Or Having Your Own Start-Up Business!

Always remember that even facebook, Yahoo, Infosys and Google were all once start-ups and started and run by a few group of individuals. But what sets apart those individuals from us is that they had the will to take risks, they had the courage to implement their toughest ideas and they had the desire to be the ‘Boss” and not any employee. In this rising world of economy and start-ups, having a great set of idea can take you places, you should never refrain from doing what you want to do! Hence we bring out a list of  super benefits of being self-employed or having your own business in this 21st century!


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When you are working for yourself, when you are your own boss, the biggest benefit you get is you can be creative. You can think, explore, implement and experiment new ideas which you could have never tried if you would have been working for someone else. Your creativity levels increase when you know there is no one else who is going to stop you or fire you for trying out something new.

Intellectual and Creative Space!


When you are working in an office for someone, you are a slave where your hands are tied on the commands of your bosses and seniors. Just like robot, you are instructed to carry out the same set of activities to make their company profitable. But when you are self-employed, you get a lot of creative and intellectual space to try out any fucking things in the world.

No pressures!


When you are doing a job. You have targets to reach, pressure to perform, pressure to behave in front of different type of people. You go through a lot of stress and tensions. When you are your own boss, you don’t have to worry about any sort of pressures, targets or pleasing anybody.

You Are Saved From 9 to 6 Job Lifestyle!


When you are doing the old traditional 9 to 6 type of a job, you almost spend 12hrs of a day in your job including the travelling and stuff. You don’t have time for yourselves nor for your family. What is the use of that money? Neither can you travel or have a full fledged meal with your family! When you are self-employed, you can be flexible with your work and balance both your personal and professional life. You can reach office at 12 in the morning in your shorts and also leave by 4 if you want.

No Dress Codes!


Compulsory Formals, In-shirts, Formal shoes, being clean shaven, all this stuff is now passé. The modern day professionals believe in proving themselves through their work and not through their dressing or appearance. You can literally wear anything and come to your office, you can also encourage your employees or colleagues to do so!

Improves Management Skills!


When the entire burden of the office, the rent, the bills, the maintainence, the employees is under you. You automatically become a good manager over the time as you know you have to manage everything properly to survive as a self-employed/Entrepreneur.



Value of Money Gets Finally Realized!hgj

In real sense, you will realize the value of money and how hard it is to earn money. When you have the entire burden of your work and office over your shoulders, each and every penny will count as a blessing.

Gives you the wings to think & dream big!


When you are doing a job in a typical 9 to 6 lifestyle, your thinking is limited to when will I get a promotion? Today I will leave an hour early? How come his/her salary is more than me? Bitching about co-employees and cheap office politics. Have we ever realized, these are so small things in life? Your ability to create innovative ideas is diminished. It also stops our thinking to dream big like I want to be a millionaire one day! I will have my own company! I will change the world one day! One day I will drive my own Mercedes etc etc. Being confined to a job in your office walls stops you from thinking what you actually need to think.

Realization Of Your Potential!


It is only when you take a risk, implement your dreams and ideas no matter how odd they are and how much difficulties you have to face, you get to realize how much potential you possess and how much you can achieve in Life.

No Bossing!


Last but not the least you don’t need to utter a few words like ‘BOSS’ or “Sir” as you are both of these. You can also remove the culture of inferior-superior and make a dream office where talent and innovative ideas are supported and promoted.



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