8 Things I Realized In The First Week Of My Job!

I am a guy who often comes up with new ideas. A creative mind who can hardly sit at one place. Since years I have been making money working in my own style & surely not under someone’s commands or directions. Doing freelancing or investments or working as a self employed. Throughout my life, I lived life like a King, making the most of my life. In fact it is because of my creative mind i have failed at so many things including so many business ideas! Hence, it was high time for me to do a job. Turning 23, people at my house were just worried about my future, pressurized me to work as they count a lot on me.

Hence, i gave in. I gave an interview nearby and joined a company as a writer. The thing which I disliked, hated & criticized the most “job”, i was doing that. Now I was a typical 9 to 6 wala middle class employee who has started working without any interest or objective in life just for the sake of his family & these were the few things I observed in the first week of my job-

Also I maybe wrong and its not like I totally hate it. Job on a positive note is a stable, safe and secured way of living your life & right now even I am doing it though I dislike it. So its nothing personal. That said such is the scenario you will notice almost everywhere doing a job in India.


1. That Job sucks. The Job Life sucks and The Job Culture sucks.


2. People out there work like robots on command.


3. Employees are just mazdoors (Wage earners) in good clothes who are the properties of their bosses. As per their commands, we get a break at 1 for 45 minutes for lunch, we have to reach by 10:30, late than that, they consider it a a half day, leave the office by 7 if you are lucky or work overtime for free of cost.


4. You are hired at such a cheap rate, they make you slog like a donkey full of load. Its India common! If you go, someone else is ready to take your place!


5. Hardly any employee is using his creativity at work nor coming up with any ideas. They are just working like a slave following their bosses commands.


6. Small people actually exist! They think small, talk small & discuss small things only. They have decided in their life like they are going to live like this only. Work as a slave and reach home at 8 or 9 everyday.  The biggest motive of their life is how to leave office early by 15 minutes or how to please a senior to get a leave or managing to take the 7 pm bus or train on time & their biggest fun & pleasure is eating together during lunch time in tiffins, talk in their mother tongue cracking jokes and bitching about the other colleagues and talking about office politics!


7. Also you keep working for years, you may get a hike or two but still your salary won”t be more than the money your boss spends on every weekend parties with his/her friends or the car he drives everyday to come to the office.


8. Also my dad told me that I will realize the value of money once I start going to a job & trust me I did got a reality check! How hard people work like a donkey, slogging the entire day from Monday to Saturday or friday if you are lucky! for that 15-30k a month. While at the other side are people who are making the most of their lives, enjoying every bit and still making lakhs and millions.

“If you have to wait for a weeked to enjoy you life, you are still not enjoying your life”

Also take my words, people who are highly creative and entrepreneurial will never ever be able to do a job unless the company is Google or a Apple!



Haineel Shah (Director)

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