A Strange Love Story Where She Never Felt Love! Was it Love at the First place?

Its the story of a boy who fell in love with a girl who got married to someone else!

The first time they saw each other was at their high school reunion & they both looked at each other smiling & excited, exchanging pleasantries. Don’t know about the girl but the boy was already in love with her. Don’t know what she felt but she definitely admired the boy.

The first time they ever spoke, they almost texted the entire night till morning (10hrs flat!) ! Don’t know how was even that possible! But that night assured, there was some karmic connection.

After the sun rose, the girl told her she was not single! But the boy was already head over heels for her!

Then time went on! They texted and texted! They used to go so deep in conversations! Coming out of it became tough & for that reason the boy would often disappear for a short period of time and then again come back to douse the fire between them and neutralize the situation between them. She would often ask where does he flashes away every time?

Well she could never know the reason! The love was not ordinary. There were loud haters and criticizers who said loving her would not go down well! Well they were right. But that did not stopped the boy from loving her. He openly confessed her love not only to her but to everyone who stopped him from loving her.


The boy was not worried about the society, the boy was not worried about the repercussions. The boy was not afraid of anybody but he cared for the girl. For her happiness, he did not spoiled the party. The boy did neither act as a third guy in her life. He let the girl go with that guy. That made the girl happy. Hence that made him happy. Just for the girl’s safety and her image, the boy hardly met her and neither did he interfere in her personal life even once. And because of all this, the girl never realized that there was  “love” between them which was never created in reality because both of them created walls the moment they thought they were getting too close. Though the wild lover in him could have made him do crazy things if he wanted to! The boy could still do.


Still there was a connect left between both of them and either of them would always make it a point to be in touch with each other. The girl never agreed about her feelings for him, neither was she ready to accept but the boy knew the feelings are there. They both care for each other even today.

They would often fight with each other a lot, they would argue like crazy, talk stupid stuff for hours, would laugh and talk endlessly for hours! The guy became a better writer because of her! Would often write poems and raps for her on her demand or even without her demand.


The boy literally knows her more better than his guy does. He cared for her like no one else did. But who knows that? Nobody, not even she. They talk like young little couples but she still denies there is something like love. The boy asks her 100 times about her wellbeing & whereabouts even though he does not need to, but still she thinks there isn’t love between them. Even she often tries to get in touch with him, know about his whereabouts, his wellbeing, but she denies there is any love between them. She often catches & understands him before he types something! and when they are having fun..they talk like hell. They both often check their dp”s & statuses when not talking! The boy would do more often. Whenever drunk, she was the only one he used to talk to! But still its not love. They would make cute names for each other, crack silly jokes and text for hours like high school teens but they think there isn’t any love! All she has to say is- ” I am committed with my guy” and that hurts him like hell. The boy almost gets choked when he gets hurt but never once was his love lessened for the lady.


The first time he met her on 31st December, a day of New Year at Night where he lied to his home and came walking till her place , his legs were tripping and he could not even see straight into her eyes as he was afraid he would cry. He was the one who was blushing and ran away quickly leaving behind for her a handwritten letter and a bag of sweets for her. She told she kept the letter in her treasure chest. But unfortunately she never kept him in her heart or maybe that’s what she believes. The love letters continued…the poems continued, the raps continued, they talking for hours everyday continued, their fightings continued, but it was not love. Its was just an ordinary friendship, that’s what she believes in.


He still fucking cares, she still fucking replies. He still fucking cares, even she still fucking cares. She probably knows him better than anybody out there. But this is a movie which does not has a normal happy ending. It will go on like this.

The boy is ready to accept her even if she is married, even if she becomes a mom! Even if she divorces or even when she turns old. Because for him, she will always be the babyface he fell in love with.

The boy’s social media alone combined shows they had exchanged well above 30,000 messages & numerous phone calls in the last two years! Despite the fact that they would not be in touch many times for days and weeks. Still its not love.

Fighting with each other, caring for each other, keeping a tab on each other, being in touch with each other though the circumstances never allowed them. But it was’nt love. But still the ugly fact is the boy is just a “friend” and its nothing more than a friendship.

The girl talking with him, both being in touch even after her marriage, the boy not even thinking of loving some other girl & giving a one sided love & loyalty despite being single, the boy not even paying attention to how much attention he was already getting from other girls. But sorry,  it was’nt  love.

The girl knew each and every weakness and secrets of that guy which the world was deprived of. Only she knew he was not what he portrayed to the world, the boy has seen her getting mad, crazy and even unbearable to some extent that he kept on getting hurt, but still her love for her was never lessened.


Just once girl, dig 60000ft deep into your heart, calm yourself & ask yourself just once, did you never loved this guy ever all these years? There was not even one day out of all these years that you felt like “fuck I love him a little” or ‘isn’t this a little weird going on between us”, u think the boy was friendzoned? Nah…he wasn’t. It was worse than that.

“The girl can say a thousand times, it was nothing more than friendship, she can go as far as she wants, but if it was not love it was also not friendship, It was something different, maybe that was the reason the girl wanted to make some distance with the boy.

Just once had she said, just once, that yes i did felt there was love, the boy could have either left her for her good or given his best to get her, but that never happened. Never. Because according to her she loves her hubby & not him.

Love is not when you meet everyday, go out for dates, sometimes love has distance. Maybe the walls which were created between them were too big for both of them to break & realize it was not a fucking simple friendship.

&  the biggest proof, the boy was not in love with her outer appearance or her beauty, neither was he doing all that for other teeny reasons of getting close to her as they hardly ever met. The boy was in love with all the things which made her from inside, her inner beauty. Her positive thoughts, her attitude, her way of understanding things, being a sweet listener, being caring and so much more…….


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