Accurate Test! 10 Symptoms To Check Whether You Have An OCD-Over Compulsive Disorder!

We all deep down the line have some strong habits or addictions which we consider it to be normal but sometimes it may also be because of over-compulsive disorder. Hence we brought a list of 10 symptoms which will help you out to know whether you have an OCD or not!


You tend to wash your hands so many times in a day. You quickly get irritated if someone touches you or your palms. Add to it any form of dust or dirt will force you to wash your hand with sanitizer in any situations!



You are a cleanliness freak, you like everything to be in order, even if the smallest things in your house or bedroom is out of order, you immediately fix it up.


If drops of water are continuously coming out from the tap, you feel like stopping it, you stand there for a minute and think what should be done to stop this! You continuously get affected by the sound coming from that drops of water!


Checking behavior- before leaving the house or just anytime. You will check twice or thrice whether the door is locked or the oven and gas stove is off! You don’t get satisfied unless you check it more than once. After parking your car, you lock your car with the remote atleast more than once, you also check the doors whether they are properly locked or not and so does the windows which are all correct or not.

Some people with OCD perform tasks or activities in their everyday routines with counting i.e numeric patterns. They have a fixed set of pre-decided count which they do to complete their activity. Not doing so may hurt them or others.

For Example- While pouring Chocolate powder in the milk, a person with OCD may stir the milk with a spoon for say 200 times(He has decided it to stir that many times and he assumes that it may not blend properly until it reaches 200stirs, that person will even count the stirs). Until and unless he won’t drink the milk or neither will he be satisfied with the taste.


People with OCD may have a specific set of fear which they totally dislike and avoid. Say some people may have fear of violence, they immediately get upset or try to avoid things if they get even a minute signal of violence or something related to violence happening around them.

For example- They may be worried, that they may get attacked or robbed in the parking yard. When they see a gang of people walking, that person may anticipate a fight with someone or himself, if a police car is standing besides him, he may think, something is going wrong around & he may even start questioning himself.

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A person with OCD has a tendency to have unwanted sexual thoughts. Like making out or groping an office colleague, making out with sister/ brother in law/groping/fantasizing different sexual scenarios with their partners or thinking or questioning their sexuality whether they are gay or straight!



People with OCD may also dwell a lot in their relationships. They may argue how they not replying to their text message or a call spoiled their entire day, they may get upset if their loved one is not on time or they may simply dwell on how one comment from them changed so many things or how one misunderstanding ruined their friendship/relationship. They have a fear of losing their loved ones. They also have a fear being a bad person. They literally have exaggerated sense of difficulty and responsibility accepting new things or uncertainty.

They have a few habits or a few people they rely on. It’s the part of their daily schedule. If they don’t meet them or perform that habit, they may start getting irritated or angry for no reason.

For example– If he/she has a best friend without him/her they can’t think of living and ritually meet them every day. One day without them will make them go crazy. Either they will appear to be upset/sad/silent/frustrated or angry.


People with OCD also tend to hate their looks no matter how much decent or good they look. Whenever they look at mirror, they will find some or the other flaw in their face and loathe over it. They also have a habit of reassuring things again and again. They may also ask the same question again and again.

For example- They will ask their friends whether they are looking good or not at least more than once or they will ask again and again whether what they did was right or not?


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