Dalai Lama says strive for a happy life & not a successful life, That’s the call of the day in today’s cruel competitive world…..


We had a chance encounter to read some of the awesome things told by his Holiness Dalai Lama and i am sure this is what he meant.

In this 21st century people are often behind money, career, degrees, materialistic things and other irrelevant things. But does that make them happy from Inside, NO!

Always remember Happiness comes from the little and simplest of things, it comes from within. The way to happiness is inner peace, a healthy life, a good sleep, a nice meal with family, a great time with your bestie and a great time with your girl not the deal which you cracked or the new car you bought or an interview you passed.

If you really want to be happy, you should stop being jealous of others. How does it matter if they are getting more marks than you, earning crores of rupees, having lots of cars or chicks. is that benefiting you? No, then why should it bother you? Do you know what problems they have, are you sure they are happy even after all that? Be happy in what you have, your best friends, your family, the simple life you are living, all this is a blessing!

Never be in competition with anyone, just be worried for yourself. Try to be a better person than you were yesterday. Why bother how much studies your friend has completed? Calling up your friends in exams how much they have studied and then get worried how you are behind them or thinking how he/she got that job. Instead dedicate that much time on yourself and see how happy you can become.



Do simple things in life, be happy from the little things which happens to you. Go play cricket with your best buddies on weekends, that reply from a cute girl should make you happy, how you ate your favorite ice-cream or how you got your favorite dress or that cute mobile cover should make you happy lol!. In our ambitiously filled life where we have huge goals, we think, only after achieving them, we can be happy, we actually neglect the hundred little good things which happens to us everyday.


Always remember the real barometers of success are how knowledgeable and respectable you are, how peaceful your life is, how healthy your body is, how many real friends you have, how much you have travelled and enjoyed your life, how much smile you have brought to other people’s face. It is not the brand of your car, your degree in walnut frame or your bank account which should be the barometer for success.

Sit with your bestie for hours and talk on foolish things, eat what you want, go to the park or malls alone, sit in the Crosswords for hours reading books, play your hobbies with your best friends. These are actually the things which will make you happy.

Help others, even if it’s a minor gesture. Try to make someone smile, don’t be a sycophant, never be selfish and greedy and learn to give. You will soon be on the path of happiness.

Always remember that many people with the most luxurious lifestyle with lots of money are not happy and content in their life because they don’t know the real barometers of success. What if you are earning lakh’s but you can’t have a dinner with your wife and children, if you don’t have time to spend that money, if you can’t even sleep properly at night because of business tensions!

Believe in exercise, that does not mean to workout for three hours in the gym. But atleast do 10 to 15 minutes of regular exercise at home. Stretching exercises, abs and a little bit of other forms. It will make you healthier and happier in the long term.

Have goals to achieve a happy family, a healthy life, a peaceful and balanced lifestyle, loving and helping others not surpassing your friend’s marks or his success or defeating a business rival or a office colleague!


Haineel Shah



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