Its The Year End! It Has Been Great & I am All Fine! Is It?

People usually start posting once the year comes to an end..that it was the same…I did nothing…-it was exactly as the last year or other funny posts.

But I will say…my 2016 was great. I did many things.
I started learning to live alone…and I was all fine.
I fell so hard for things, people and other things…but still I m doing fine.
I learned so many things which 2015 never taught me.
I let down so many people, so many ppl dissapointed me…but I am still doing fine.
I lost ppl who meant the world to me….but still I m doing fine.
I failed miserably….at my ideas or ambitions…..but I again rose…and again started frm scratch without losing any hope and m still doing fine….
I cried, I felt deep pain…I also laughed like crazy…all in the same year…and here m standing..and m doing fine..
I learned to drink alone….infact many things alone…which I ws nt accustomed to…but still I am doing fine
Lost strong loyalties….this year..but also found new ppl…who became besties….and dat made me fine….
My closest diamonds turned out to be fake or gt stolen by others….I m still doing fine..
My heart, my feelings..were being shredded into pieces by many…but m still standing…and m doing fine..
I got blocked by many…I got ignored by many…but still I am doing fine….
I was out of many people’s priorities….I was misunderstood by many….hated by many….but still I am doing fine…
I saw people change upside down….and m still doing fine…
I was criticized for various things where only I backed up myself…and m still doing fine…..
I came out of severe health and mental issues….but still surviving and m doing fine…
I lived without the support of people who should have been around….
But still……..doing fine….
Everytime I failed….i understood “fail” is just a word misunderstood by many…as u never fail if u learn from your mistakes, your bad days….if u rise again….failure is the path towards success…..
And m all here doing fine…..

& the next time wen u ask somebody how they r and they say “doing fine”…understand that “fine is a small word but has has a huge door and a meaning…


-Haineel Shah


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