Kandivali! The Hidden Food Treasure of Mumbai! Here are the 10 Things You Must Try at Kandivali!

Well Mumbai is a monstrously big city and Kandivali is just a small part of it. A small station in the western line, Kandivali is like a peaceful mini village full of Gujaratis and Marwadis. Kandivali is not only one of the most crime-free parts of the western line but it is also one of the peaceful lands with a food paradise! A Heaven for food lovers. From the Khau Galli near Kandivali station to Tambi’s south Indian food to Bhagwati’s late night lip smacking fast food to Mahavair Nagar’s entire food junction or let’s say khau Galli again! You will get tired with the amount of food which Kandivali has to offer! Here are the 10 things you must try without fail!

Pizza Dosa at Majithia, Kandivali(west, Milap)


A huge steaming dosa and on it all the possible ingredients which he can pour on it! Top it up with lots of cheese! Its an open dosa which are cut into pieces like a pizza! The taste is super heavenly and we are not sure if a single person can have it alone! Onions, tomatoes, different types of sauces, capsicum, aloo masala, cheese, mayoneese, cabbage, pasta and god knows what goes into the making of this 100 Bucks dosa. But no doubt, its worth a try! Many try to emulate this dosa, but the best can be found only at Kartik’s dosa stall at Milap.

Pahadi Sandwich, MG Road, Near dena bank.



Note- The real picture is far better, this picture is for representation purpose only.

5 Layers of bread, each bread filled with lots of cheese and mayonnese, each bread also gets different toppings of freshly cut vegetables and then each bread is topped onto other to make it a big fat sandwich! Its called pahadi because not only its too big to look at but also it needs a capacity of a pahadi guy to consume such a big sandwich!

Pooja Malai Gola! (Near Asian Bakery)


Though their quality has dropped a bit from the early 2000’s and late 90’s when they used to sell it on the roads. Now they have their own shop. But still their milk made golas are nowhere near competition in terms of taste! Huge thick rabdified milk and gollops of cheese and syrups along with lots of dryfruits are a traditional part of their ice-creams! Go have one!

Kancha Kulfi (Usually hard to find on the roads)

Very rare kancha kulfi walas exist in mumbai! Their unique cow’s baby milk based kulfi’s are naturally kept cold through their organic techniques. They are usually found on the roads with a small “tokri” where they spoon out amazing kulfis of different sizes from their kulfi skulls i.e kancha. Relish the inexpensive little joy of summer from anywhere between 10 to 30Rs!

Bhagwati’s, Mathuradas Road!


Now this place is like Andheri’s Amar! It needs no introduction. Their butter laden spicy pav bhaji’s has found no competitor past 2 decades. They also serve other fast foods like pizzas, chinese, south Indian and shakes! What’s more, they are the only ones in Kandivali who are open till midnight!

Mumbadevi Jalebiwala (Mahavir Nagar)


Steaming hot Jalebis made from pure ghee and gathiya makes this place a crazy crowd puller for Gujaratis! Their Jalebis are the best in the market though!

Rajubhai Dhoklawala (MG Road)



This shop has around 70-80differnt types of dhoklas and farsan. Creativity is always at its best and so is their taste. Their farsan and gathiyas are also freshly made with the best groundnut oil.

Anna’s late night Boost and Idli Medu-wadas!


There are two types of annas. One who sells idlis and medu-wadas at evening after 6! Their stock probably gets over in an hour or two. The roadside taste is just unique. It is suggested to go at evening by 630 itself to have them steaming hot, because by 730-8 everything is about to get over. The one near crazy soda near KES college sells the yummiest of meduwadas, uthapas, don’t forget to ask his special rocket powder!(South Indian Powder which makes idli taste better)

& then there are midnight anna’s who are available only at night after 12. Partying at 2 and suddenly out of smoke or need some energy, scout & search for them, usually found on S.V road near Bata or Snehanjali stores! They have all the stock of cigarettes, very tasty boost milk, coffee and idli-wadas as usual!

Tambi Nashta Stall, Near Kandivali Station



I bet once you have eaten this guys mix wada plate, you will come every sunday to have it! There is just something different about his taste! Its like a poor man’s food porn! Just 30Rs a plate, they are damn tasty! They also have around 50 types of dosa to go with. A mix wada plate along with slice/mazaa is the traditional way of my sunday mornings! Opens at 8 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon! Also the owner Rajni is a huge fan of rajnikant, has huge photos all over his place, tell him you look like Rajnikant and chances are you may get your share of plate early because it is always crowded!Especially on sundays!

Pasta & Brocolli Sandwich! Near dena bank!


One of the heavenly sandwiches from his list of over 60 different types of sandwiches. Loaded with lots of cheese and mayoneese, his each sandwich is worth a try but atleast try pasta sandwich once because that has been the yummiest out of all. Also try his cheese mayoneese aloo slice, Chocolate hershey’s & cream sandwich, Cheese Chilly and Dream cream  (A special cake which only he can make!)


Also try-


– Minus 301 Degrees F, Nitrogen Ice Cream at Mahavir Nagar.

– Fried Ice-cream at Pushti snacks, near KES College.

– Amazing mouth-watering Chaat at Satnam(Golden bhel!)
swed      swe

– Cheese Mayoneese Frankie at Swastik’s (Mahavir Nagar)


– Assorted Customised Ice-cream At Hokey-Pokey, Orlem.

– All the puffs and snacks of Merwan’s, Mathuradas road!

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