Okay! This Could Probably Be The Best Speech a Teacher Can Give To Their Students! Hats Off!

The excerpts are from a student’s first day at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the professor entered the classroom and selected a few students & asked them what introductory speech would they give to their students in their first day at the class. We must say one of the students came up with a beautiful reply which made many students as well as the professor shut up & quite!

This is what the student said in his introductory speech on 1st day in the classroom if he would have been the teacher-


Hello students!

Before I start, I want many students to get out of this class.

All the students were left in shock as to what he is saying, so was the professor…but he was yet to complete his speech…..

“I want all those students to get out, who are out here to score marks in their papers”

“I want all those students to get out of the class who are learning these formulas not to knowledge themselves, learn a new thing, sharpen their brains but with an intention to score marks, to score better than their classmates”

‘All those please get out, who are judging their friends or classmates sitting right besides them on the basis of their scores in the last semester”

“I want all of them to leave who are sitting here because they have robotically decided to sit in my class, attend it, similarly finish the whole high school, then 12th, then engineering, than job, than marriage, the thoughts which are genetically engineered into your brain by your parents, the society and peers and the people around u, “Please get out”

“I want all those to get out right away who are sitting here because their parents have forced or pressurized to take this stream and study”, “please get out” this is not the right place for you guys, maybe you are a good cricketer or a singer or a  cook, but in  this class, i don’t think so, you fit in, go chase your dreams, what you like, but please get out”

“I want all of those to get out right away who are in some form of competition, stress or some sort of pressure to learn what I am going to teach”

“Because I only want a bunch of creative people, a student, who is just too anxious, who is just excited to learn a new thing & dats it, & nothing else here and there. He/she is innocent & raw, he/she is different from the race. He/she who is hardly afraid or worried about the marks, he/she who does not even care if he passes or fails, though he/she learns a new thing everyday but on paper, he fails sometimes. The one who is not worried about the future, the competition or pressures whatsover”

“Only then the exchange of real teaching & learning will begin”….

– Haineel Shah


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