Salute to the Guy who wrote this wonderful article on Woman! This Letter Is A Dedication To All The Women Out There!

The Power of A Woman is Awesome…


We underestimate them the most but they possess the highest powers. They can change a person’s life, they can guide someone to right track. They can make you forget everything.

They can give birth to another living thing which is the biggest power in the world. The power of giving death is in god, but the power of giving birth is in woman. Just imagine! Between god & woman we don’t stand anywhere. They can protect and take care of you like nobody else can. They can take you out of things like no one can. They give you a feeling called love. They make you realize what love is…They make you realize that before death, there are a thousand things to do…

They will also take care of you like no fucking thing in the world would ever do. They can even become warriors in the worst times and take down any elements affecting them or their loved ones.


Being a girl is not a boon, its a blessing. You have to be lucky enough to be born as a girl. We talk about guys being tough, these woman go through things which we can’t even imagine. They are super strong & powerful. They have the ability to bring someone to life, to give someone a life, they bleed, they feed, they go through the worst pains, they even hold us through the toughest nine months.


Still after that, they are sensitive & loving. They will care for you no matter what. They will always be by your side no matter what. They will support you, they will make you strong. Even when they get angry, snappy or possessive, its because they love you like nobody else does.

If God gives me an option, I would any day ask for a daughter as it will make me a better person. For daughters, their dad are their heroes, they are superman, they look up to them and we as men(not all but many) still disappoint them by molesting or abusing them.


I salute to all the woman as they are the best creatures in the world whom neither me or the world could appreciate. They are true all-rounders in life. They are just so much above sex and lust. I hate those who think or view woman only from that point of view. I also hate those who think a girl is a burden, they simply don’t deserve to be born as humans.

I respect women more than loving them.

Also this goes out to all the girls who compare themselves with men or try to equal themselves with us, please don’t do that because you people are already way above us where we can never reach.


-Haineel Shah


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