The Cute Story Of Ki & Ka…Which Also Defied Male Gender Discrimination! A Must Read For Sure!

Yes I watched Ki & Ka yesterday on T.V!


It was probably one of my most relatable movies in the recent past. I did not only relate to Arjun Kapoor’s role but I also felt that even if I don’t relate I should probably start relating to his role. Honestly just like him, i don’t want to be a millionaire with a angry desperate wife who is devoid of his husband’s time and spoilt kids who have got everything but love. I just want to be that cute dad who sits with his children, plays with them & treats her wife like a princess at night or any part of the day. The whole family satisfied. I don’t want a business empire. I want a happy family, a happy me, thats it.


The movie correctly reflected that there is totally no issue if a man runs the household and doesn’t earn while the woman chases her dreams to make it big, I mean what’s wrong with that? Why is that inequality on us now? Why are we men cursed if we just want our kids and wife to be happy, if we just want to run the house for them, take care of everybody & let the wife complete her dreams whatever she has in her career?

Why are we guys called losers if we sit at home? If we don’t earn and chose to be the househusband?


Did we ever called those crores of women losers who run the house & don’t go out to work? Then why such gender discrimination & inequality with men? I mean if we get happiness in doing what we want? Why can’t we do that? Isn’t dat a huge gender discrimination on men too? I mean why is it compulsory dat we need to step our shoes out, put ourselves out of the house from morning and come back at evening or night?

Why can’t I do things which makes me as a guy happy? Are we going to die and take along that truck full of assets, money, cars and properties or are we going to die making the most of our lives, creating the best moments & memories?

Doing things which you feel like doing and not what your society or your family expects from you to do. Don’t we want to make the most out of our life? I mean sitting by the beach between greenaries with my wife and a few books with a lamp can anyday give me more happiness than the million dollar deal I may have cracked yesterday.


Playing with my little kids, having lunch and dinner with them, helping my wife do the chores gave me more happiness than meeting an important millionaire client with whom my business lunch was scheduled in a five star.


Exploring the world, new people, food and places gives me more happiness than exploring and creating marketing strategies to increase the sales.

Do a degree, join a stressful 9 to 7 job, join the rat race, peer pressures, work pressure, burnout, no time for yourself neither your loved ones, join the stress, mess & competition to reach the top while in reality you are still lying at the bottom. 9 out of 10 people rate success as none of the things which actually defines the word “happy” but still they run behind it. Today all people know is that they want to be succesful, they forget in that quest, that they want to be happy & then they complain how their life is such a stress, how they are not enjoying their lives!

These people, they don’t even know for what they are running so much in the competition, in the race? Its just a rat race, everyone does that, so u have to do it too. Everyone is doing mba, ca, cs, engineering or doctory, so probably even I’ll have to do it, or else what if someone from relatives or society asks me what do you do? or asks my family what does your kid do? What to show to your future in-laws, because they will ask for degrees first, they won’t ask whether you are a good human being or not, whether you can keep their girl happy or not.


Everyone is getting married past 100yrs before 25-27 so, even I’ll have to get married or else people will judge me if something is wrong with me! Like what the fuck!


Even I’ll have to run behind a job since most of my friends are doing good jobs in MNC’s! Or else my parents & the society will keep asking me questions about my employment and get embarassed!

Whole life we keep on living with either the fear or pressure or expectations of others. Have we ever taken time out and had a thought what we really wanted to do in life? Probably no.


If something makes me happy, I’ll do dat. If not doing a job makes me happy, as long as I am happy, I’ll do that.


If playing with puppies and getting hugs from the kids makes me happy, I’ll do that.


If doing the housechores, taking care of my family makes me happy, I’ll do that.


If I’m happy in my own world with a few loyal friends but people judge me that i am selfish or reserved, I don’t mind, but I’ll do that!


If loving the wrong girl made me happy, I’ll do that.

Young man working in a start up office.

If I’m happy with the way I’m working, I’ll keep working like dat, I’ll do dat, doesn’t matter if I earn not even half of what my friends earn in their 9 to 6 typical jobs in big MNC’s, but I’ll do what makes me happy, I’ll do that.


If playing cricket, cracking jokes and laughing innocently till my lungs choke out makes me happy, I’ll do that.


If eating a whole KFC meal all alone in a restaurant makes me happy and I feel pampered, I’ll do that…..because I am going to live only once & I will make the most of it the way I want not the way others want. This way there are a thousands of things……where I wanna say…..”I’ll do dat” So better be the person who says I’ll do that” instead of being the person who said “I wanted to do that” by the time it gets too late.

We are having only one life, very soon we gonna die, time is moving so fast, we people are not even going to meet or clash the next birth & even if we clash, we aren’t going to remember each other. So who the fuck cares! Why are we trying to prove everybody! No need to prove anybody, do whatever fucking thing you feel like as it will give you lots of Happiness!

Thank You,

Haineel Shah


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