This Guy Will Rip Your Heart Of & Explain You The Rising Trend Of Indian Students Going Abroad Especially U.S!

If you are a Gujarati or from any middle or upper middle class family in India especially Mumbai, plus if you have graduated especially engineering, the first thing which will come to your mind is #U.S Kab jaana hai or #U.S Jaana hai! Like Really?

Nothing Better Than Our Soil & Our Land!


Amazing India 37

That maa ke haath ka khana….

Your mom eagerly waiting for you until you come home and have your lunch or dinner….

Your friends with whom you have been living, laughing & crying since ages…..

Your grandparents whose sole reason to live is you….


Your Dad who has always been there for you, he may have been tough with you, but when you are not there. He is the one who gets upset and starts missing you.

The way he will call you up asking where are you if you haven’t reached home since you have been late at night and it has already crossed 12!

Your daily adda’s, your fixed nightspots, your daily drives and your fixed food joints in the locality!

Every 2nd shop knows you by your face here, the uncles & the aunties asking you about your well-being and how studies are going on! That hot neighbor you have been fantasizing for years! The daily hi’s & hello’s to the most random people we meet in our building & locality whom we know only through faces!

Even when we are in trouble, the entire neighbourhood, the uncles & friends will come out of their house midnight on your one call or even a call may not be required many times! When you are tired you just need to call your bestie and everything is sorted!

Those night & morning drives with your buddies, the total timepass you did with your friends in the buildings and your building terrace, having drinks with them every weekend and playing cricket or going out on Sundays!

Your dear and near ones, your family, your best friends, your girl friend if you have managing to give you the best surprise every time at 12night on your birthday! Everything is just so settled & you are in such a happy space of your life living in a small little world of yours!

Then all of a sudden you graduate and turn 22 or 23 and you decide you want to go abroad, probably U.S! It’s a trend man…jaana toh padega hie!


There are three reasons why you may go to U.S at that stage-

Because you think there is a happening life waiting there full of dollars and hot chicks plus you will get to live life all alone without any responsibilities of earning and giving it to your family, You just want to live few more years in peace, rest and have fun before a world full of responsibilities comes on your shoulders, so the best way is to run away from all your responsibilities & the people who will ask in India- What work are you doing now? Completed studies right?


Or you are a rich daddy or upper middle class daddy’s son/daughter and because your friends are going to U.S, you also ask to do the same or because your Dad’s friend’s son went there, now your parents also want you to do the same…go there for a few years, come back in India and get married to a beautiful girl. Foreign se aaya hai ladka bhai!


Or you want to do masters but because you know doing masters in India is very boring plus entrance exams are toughest. So you want to genuinely complete studies but take the easier route and go abroad for a few years!


Like Really?


For your selfish motives, you just want to leave everything behind in life, that little world, that people! As per the studies only 13 to 24% Indian students have genuine intentions to go abroad! They want to study, raise their knowledge levels & expertise.

When mom waits everyday till you come home & eat, have your ever realized how your mom is going to eat food or live life when she is not going to see you blank 24hrs everyday! She won’t smile the same, cry the same or eat the same after you go, you probably don’t even have the slightest of idea! In fact you can see the change in her behavior even a few months before you are about to go forever.

Have you ever realized how your innocent grandparents will live, they will miss you every fucking moment when you are not there troubling them or annoying them. Who will solve their smartphone & tv problems & doubts for which they rely on you, the silly fights & talks with you through which they live & survive happily!

Who will rush them to hospital at midnight when your parents or grandparents fall ill suddenly? Who will ask them now about their health, who will they share their wisdom with & their silly and annoying comments and remarks!

Have you ever realized your dad, who calls you up even if you are all here but haven’t reached home since it has crossed 12 at night, how will he live every moment when he will come to know that you are totally not going to come home!

Suddenly everything & everyone associated with you will be blank with the people who are associated with you, but who cares, you are going to go anyways, because you are a typical stereotype. All these people will die from inside. Even you will man! Please think before you do anything,


Please Understand!


If you can really afford 30-50 lakhs & you have talent, then why not create your own start up business in India while studying here simultaneously & also not leaving your little world. India is the biggest investment destination for businesses to grow, it has the biggest potential. It is foreign investors favorite destination! Show your innovation, risk taking abilities & creativity through that. Its not brave or creative to go abroad or U.S for sure! Its just so common & stereotype nowadays! Do you even know India is a better destination than U.S or any other country to succeed & grow?

People & huge MNC’s around the world are investing truckloads of money here and you want to invest at those places who invest in us. This issue has been taken into notice because every year blindly thousands of students are going abroad especially U.S, it has sort of become a mad trend.

Dude, take yourself forward, progress the lives of people around you, progress yourself & your nation. kids, don’t be silly. If you are so fascinated by U.S, go to vacations every year with your friends & family.

Trust me!


Just tell your mom one day that you have cancelled going to U.S & decided to plan future here itself. Then just look at her sudden glow, the radiance and smile on her face, the relaxness in her body language, even though she may try her best, not to show it. Just see the change in the body language of your grandparents. Just look at your dad, he will suddenly look more cheerful & relaxed because he just came to know that you are going nowhere. Just inform your best friend about this decision & he will probably jump from his bed & take you for a drink!

If you think life is happening in U.S, dollars and hot chicks are waiting for you there, please you need a reality shock dude! Okay, there may be things but there won’t be your mom who will feed you the best things in the world & wait for you till you come home & finish your meal.


There won’t be any dad who will call you up when you are a little late, no one gives a fuck whether you are stuck in a trouble or crisis there, no one will even care even if you may be sleeping on the roads or you are ill and you need care & medicines!

There won’t be anyone waiting for you at home, all you will find is yourself opening the lonely doors! There won’t be any grandparents who will provide you with their free wisdom nor will there be any best friend who will stand by your side when you are down and out, through your thick & thin times!

You probably won’t even know what to cook, how to cook when you will be hungry & when you will be tired of eating daily the same fast foods! When you would be in deep trouble or crisis, there won’t be any neighbors who will come to your rescue.

But who can stop you? Plus the norms are extremely strict out there where getting work visas & employment for outsiders has become very tough.

New Presidency will make life for outsiders tougher than ever before too!

You can do everything on your soil, you happy, all happy. Please be a little sympathetic as well as responsible before doing anything!

And one more thing India also provides the best Masters education. Probably more deeper & tougher than foreign institutions.


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