This is What Indian Banks Are Upto & Then We Say Our country Needs to be Developed!

The banking scene in India is worst. That’s as straightforward as I can be. Then they cry about non-performing assets and loan defaulters! Its because these banks have policies which are dumber than the managers which they hire and lazier than the staff which works there.

Three farmers carrying crops in Zambia.

In India, every farmer is dying almost everyday in some corner of the country because of poverty. They don’t get paid well for what they feed us(Imagine if you get paid 2-5Rs per 20kg of the onions you grow, won’t u die?). Neither do they get financial aid to grow crops, foods or vegetables which keeps us alive because they are below poverty and they are uneducated without any documents to submit. Hence no loan help for them to lead a better life and stop doing a suicide.


Ohh, but let me tell you, if you are a rich corporate. You are educated or making good money. Or atleast on paper, if you have money and documents to prove, they will give you as much loan as you want like idiots, then they cry about non-performing assets. Fuck them.

Hence a farmer or a small middle class guy won’t get a 50,000 Rs loan for his small business to grow or to help his/ her family to survive.

But if you are a Vijay Mallya, you will get 9000crores in hand. All banks line up like sycophants to give you a loan if you are that kind of a guy & then cry their asses out when people like him doesn’t pay and enjoys beer with his son and strippers in London. Then he also tries to settle the amount at his own will at 4500 crores.

Mallya’s case is just being highlighted or else it is a common scene all around India. All the people coming from either industrial, rich or corporate backgrounds, educated and with all the documents and returns to submit are the ones who are defaulting like crazy. Take example of my neighbouring real estate builder himself, Has a bentley and a sprawling bungalow, lives life luxuriously! But has crores of debts on his heads, no work going on any of his redevelopment sites, leaving people stranded on the streets whose houses they have taken and broken for redevelopment and from lenders from whom they may have taken hundreds of crores for this constructing business.

An employee poses with the bundles of Indian rupee notes inside a bank in Agartala, August 22, 2013. REUTERS/Jayanta Dey/Files

Today if you have a one crore apartment and a proper tax return and a said deposit of some lakhs in your account, then these mother fucking banks will give you 60-70lakhs of loan and even more to go and study abroad.

Why can’t these stupid banks understand the real meaning and purpose of loan?
“Loan is for those who don’t have money or any means of money” Not for those who have or who can or has the ability to arrange money.

So a normal average student but from a rich family may be allowed to go to U.S to study on a 50-60 lakh loan & have fun there but a poor student who topped but does not even has a house to mortgage but is willing to study more than others may miss out on the opportunity to study and lead a healthy future. Why? Because he does not documents & banks only entertain those in giving loans who already has the capacity, has all the documents and the said procedures.


Here in India, The banks are not made for poor farmers and needy students but it is for rich and well to do people only who fools these banks with their foolproof documents.

If we middle class default to pay even 40-50,000 of loan due to some genuine reasons, they will call us ten times a day, abuse the person who took the loan and even their family. Seize, stop and sell their livelihood but if you are an influential person or an industrialist or a corporate or from a well to do family who has taken hundreds of crores of loans, their hairs are not even shaken. They are busy enjoying their lives and probably they will die before long years of court cases are completed against them.


You think unlike Mallya and those other bigshots all around India, these poor or middle class students or farmers won’t repay you the loan? You are probably changing and enriching their lives, they will be grateful, they will be the first ones to repay if they ever get a chance, in fact a little help, these are the type of people, who would repay the moment they would get their first pay cheque or a good cash from the crops!

Loan is for those who genuinely need it and who does not have any means apart from that loan.

If I had money, the documents, properties to show or mortgage, then its but natural I will get a loan, its not a rocket science.

Loan is actually a loan when you are able to help a person who desperately needs it, has a genuine reason and a motive but lacks documents or properties such as those poor farmers or the middle class students.

I don’t mean to say that stop giving loans to these people whom I am criticizing. But what I am trying to say is if you give even 10% of amount to these poor farmers or middle class students or businessmen compared to these defaulters or elite people. Our Nation which may fully develop by 25-30 years may fully develop in the next 10-15 years itself.

Had these banks like State Bank Of India, Punjab National bank and many more had not distributed Mallya’s 9000 Crore loan to the poor farmers and middle class students. Today India could have had more engineers, scientists and doctors and could have also saved thousands of suicides with that much amount!

Also this will bring India a step closer towards development.

Haineel Shah


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