Tips From Sunny Leone! 6 Types of People or Friends You Should Never Text To In Your Life!

We have a big heart and sometimes we shower a lot of attention, care and love on people without even realizing that you are not getting an equal response or they are hardly giving you a fuck! We even sometimes text a lot but hardly we get a reply which we are expecting, hence we strictly bring out a list of people you should never text to…

The One Who Takes Hours To Reply!


Yes, you already know that the phone is in their hands the entire day and you also know that they are not that busy millionaires that they can’t reply you quickly, still they will reply you after long hours. It is just because they are too much used to you and they know that you are going to stick to them, no matter how they behave, hence its better you start to realize not to text unless they reply properly!

The One Who Does Not Reply Even After Reading Your Messages!


You just saw the seen tick or blue tick on whatsapp, fb or insta but still they haven’t replied to your messages, they are also coming online but hardly give a fuck to reply you! Boy its high time you gather your self respect back and stop texting such people.

The one who Often Gives You Short Replies like “k”, “Lol”. “Cool”, “Ty” “tysm” or “ttyl”


These people should really not exist in your life who replies in short stuff to your long pages of text. They think very highly of themselves and consider you to be non-existent or useless, kind of nothing in their life.

The One Who Does Not Replies At All Even After Your Consistent Texts!


You vent your heart out, you text them out of love, care or genuinity keeping your ego aside but these people will just not reply to you as they know that you are highly dependent on them or you are going to be by their side no matter how much ill behavior they do with you!

The One Who Will Always Reply To Your Texts But Only What You Have Asked For! They Will Never Try To Put Efforts or Initiate A Conversation!


No doubt, they will always reply to whatever you text and whatever you ask, but that’s it, they will never try to put efforts from their side to develop a conversation or know something about you or show eagerness in you as much as you do. These are good people who don’t like to hurt you but in reality you should not text them either as they are not interested in you!

The One Who Makes Fun of Your Text Messages!


Yes, you may have considered them to be a good friend, trustworthy to an extent that you write your heart out to them but eventually you come to know that the screenshots of your texts have been literally passed to every member of your group or your friends, these people should be totally ignored in life to be honest.



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