Public Notice: Mumbai Cricket’s Intellectual Property on Sale Auction – the official website of Mumbai Cricket Association, one of the richest Multi-Million Cricket Association in the World is known for its rich heritage in Cricket which has given India some of the finest Indian Cricketers right from Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar to Rohit Sharma and 100’s of other names in between those generations! Out of 46 occasions of Mumbai figuring in FINALS, Mumbai have won the Ranji Trophy Title 41 times – 34 times outright and 7 times on first innings lead.

Mumbai Cricket Association also has its bases in Churchgate, Kandivali and MCA BKC with their State of the art Clubs and Grounds across Mumbai including the iconic Wankhede Stadium which houses some of the most electrifying International and Domestic Matches.

In a one of its kind opportunity, domain name is on sale for prospective buyers connected with the field of sports or cricket. Just for example: The intrinsic value of owning this domain name is equivalent to owning or when and are in existence which are valued in Billions.

The Perks of owning

  • Ideal for any betting websites or betting brands based in Mumbai
  • Ideal for any new news media platform which envisages to cover Mumbai Cricket
  • Ideal for any Sportstech Startup based in Mumbai
  • Shall bring great organic traffic due to popular and common keyword
  • Ideal for any Cricket Club, Academy or Cricket Organization based in Mumbai
  • Ideally for any Cricket Community based in Mumbai to run their Cricket Based activities through this prestigious name.

The name is in possession of a IP & Sports Management Company which is based in Mumbai. The Spokesperson from that company shared with We tried approaching apex committee members of MCA as well as then President Mr.Vijay Patil but we received no response from Mumbai Cricket Association. We have been in possession of this domain for more than 7 years, our intention was to hand it over to MCA as we believe it is their rightful intellectual property. The newly elected President Mr. Amol Kale is known for his approachability as well as sound knowledge about things happening around him and we wish that we can connect with him so we can handover MCA’s Intellectual Property in the right hands

Even though we had many offers which were tempting, we resisted because the name of MCA can be tarnished if some wrong person, authority, business or organization starts utilizing it. We don’t want some big dream XI or cricket betting websites to start using this name. Some wrong person or entity using this name can not only affect the online traffic of but can also dent the image of MCA. We are still awaiting some positive response from MCA but at the same time we have to let go of this because we have been holding this domain since 7 years.

The domain name which is originally valued very high (amount cannot be disclosed) based on its technical and intrinsic evaluation alongwith the previous offers received in the last 5yrs is out on Public Sale with a Tender Base Price of Rs 25 lakhs. Bidders are requested to email their interest on [email protected]


Pls Note: Zoomcricket has no involvement on this issue, is a news media platform which covers grassroot cricket. Zoomcricket was approached by the owner of the domain because of its wide reach within cricket community.

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