Sad State of Affairs at Central Bank of India, Kandivali Branch

Central Bank of India

Very sad state of affairs at Central Bank of India, Kandivali Branch. It’s been now more than 16-18 months , Central Bank of India Kandivali Branch has not even repaired their automatic passbook printing machine. Having a passbook printing machine not only saves hours of waiting in queues but also it ensures people with small banking tasks like passbook update don’t waste too much of time in the bank premises. Also it helps in keeping less crowd inside the banking premises.

Central Bank of India
Sealed Passbook Printing Machine since last one and a half year.

But such is the case, it’s been almost 2 years, Central Bank of India has not taken any action to check on such an important task which can not only save lots of time of their customers but also ensure less crowds and safety amidst this COVID.

We have personally requested the Kandivali Branch Manager and so many other staff members but they always come up with lazy excuses or rude replies. The most dissapointing thing is one has to wait almost 20-35 mins in line specially & only for passbook update. Also the staff is so unresponsive and hostile, not a single staff person will talk with you gracefully. The employee (an old lady in her 50’s or 60’s) takes 7-9 minutes per passbook which is just unreasonable time. Similarly there are many staff members who are working here since long time are behaving in a typical goverment office manner. Also many might have counter arguments that please do online banking but let us inform you, a large part of central bank customers are senior citizens, above 70, above 80 citizens, uneducated and poor workers or labourers who are not that updated with smartphone or e-banking technology, their only source of getting themselves updated with their money is by visiting the bank and this is what happens when they have to stand for hours only for tasks which hardly takes a minute!

It’s a humble request to please take some action on this and start the automatic passbook printing machine which is nowadays a regular facility in every bank.

Central Bank of India
Long Queue for passbook update at Central Bank of India. Even though this picture was taken late when many people went away but ideally there is much more long queue than what’s shown in the photo. A simple task like normal passbook update can take upto 20-30 mins

One thought on “Sad State of Affairs at Central Bank of India, Kandivali Branch”

  1. Very true. Even also maximum time taken by staff for deposit & withdrawal of money. Many time we talk to manager.
    But in replay he always say sorry. We are not having inuf staff.
    Complain soude be forward to higher athority requisiting to make a surprise visit, & take correct decigen.

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