Pls Stop this! Abusive Gundagardi by Politician Sachin Gole

What is this? Is this Secular India? Is this free India? This is just one video, checkout his social media accounts, this politician Sachin Gole in all his videos does this. He goes to different offices and shops, forces people to learn Marathi, breaks and vandalizes the shops and offices, beats innocent people to create fear.

Watch this full video of Politician Sachin Gole abusing a guy:

Every Indian Citizen has right to live in any part of India with freedom of speech and expression. Also you can’t force or abuse anyone if they don’t know a certain language. If you do that, it’s as good as preaching Jihad or being a Taliban. This is absolutely wrong and goons like this are spreading hatred and communal division in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Yes we love & respect Marathi as much as Hindi or Gujarati or any other language but Marathi is not the national language by law that you force someone to adopt that. Infact this is free India, anyone and everyone has the right to choose which language he/she is comfortable in. It’s his/her choice, simple as that, period. Also we have many Maharashtrian friends and colleagues, none of them are like this, infact they are very good people. Because of this few goon elements, the image of entire Maharashtrian Community is tarnished.

Please share this as much as possible so that it reaches the right people & this politician is taught a lesson. This is absolutely wrong behaviour and there has to be some moral policing done. Our India is known for its freedom of speech and expression, encouraging behaviour like this will not only send the wrong message to today’s youth but it will also affect the peace process in our country. We don’t want our India to be the second Pakistan or Afghanistan where a country is ruled by fear and force. Our country is beautiful because of its unity in diversity and people like Sachin Gole should be immediately suspended from all his political activities and position if he he is not willing to change his attitude towards the Indian Citizens.

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