Mumbai Cricket Journalist Haineel Shah roped in as Senior Advisor to Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team

Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team

India’s Physically Challenged team under the coaching of Sulakshan Kulkarni had recently won World Cup in 2019 and same goes for India’s Wheelchair Cricket Team which is growing leaps and bounds with every passing year. Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team which now has its own official committee and board approved by the Supreme Court of India is also under the observation of BCCI.

Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team were runners up of Asia Cup in 2019 and with the right support from various verticals, even this team has all the potential to make our country proud. To add the right verticals of support, you need young and dynamic leaders at the forefront doing the admin work and that is how they have appointed Mumbai Cricket Journalist Haineel Shah as their senior advisor to the Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team.

Haineel Shah

Haineel has been serving as Content Head and Chief Journalist at Cricketgraph since 2016. Cricketgraph is one of the India’s biggest news media portal for grassroot cricket and through his role and commitment, Haineel has covered thousands of matches at grassroot level which has certainly brought a positive change at club level in Mumbai. Over the years, Haineel has also supported Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team whenever he had the opportunity to promote them. Infact, Haineel had covered the entire Asia Cup on honorary basis for the Indian team and now they will be taking the relationship to a next level. As a role of advisor, Haineel will be in touch with the board, will promote the Indian Wheelchair team, will assist them on do’s and don’t’s, will arrange media coverage and much more.

Here’s wishing Haineel and Indian Wheelchair Cricket team a great future to make our country proud.

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