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Sports is one of the richest & most growing markets in India. It’s just not cricket anymore, it’s all sports slowly taking centerstage. Also with the growing urban life and more and more people getting fitness conscious, the importance of sports into youth as well as into corporate structure has increased leaps and bounds with every passing year.

Sports is so popular in India and especially cricket, you will find Professional Cricket Grounds as well as Artificial turfs in every locality and every station of Mumbai as well as in different parts of India. It won’t be a surprise, that local tournaments are conducted in grand fashion in every nook and corner of the localities and most of the turfs are booked during weekends hosting football and cricket tournaments!

What’s more, sports has also entered into the Corporate World where major Corporate Companies are taking initiatives to host or arrange sporting events or tournaments for their employees to boost internal team bonding as well as to reduce the stress!

Sports Market in India is approximately valued at 573 Million US Dollars which in any extent is no small number! However, to facilitate and engineer such a big sports industry in India, we require a Professional Sports Management Company and Sportsnext is one of those leading names which is slowly carving a niche for themselves.

A one of its kind start-up based in Mumbai, Sportsnext founded in 2021 which digitally goes by the name as is a one stop dedicated platform which provides all sorts of services to fulfill your sporting needs. Whether you want to book a ground or you want to participate in a tournament? Whether you want live scoring and live streaming of your sporting event or want them to manage end to end operations of the tournament – Sportsnextindia has developed core expertise in Sporting Events and services related to sports.

The core ethos of Sportsnextindia is End to End Management of any Sporting Event whether it’s on a grand scale or on a smaller scale! Apart from Event Management, Sportsnext also specializes in hosting/managing cricket tournaments, tournament operations of any sports at community or club level, ground booking, sports goods retail, live scoring and live streaming services.

Founder Manish Tarkar who has been born and brought up in Cricket Environment adds that much needed spark and relevance into this startup. Manish completed his education in the Stream of Commerce and I.T background taking his respective degrees from Mumbai University and Polytechnic College of Mumbai. Manish a big time cricket lover himself played professional cricket at school, college & club level and he still continues to play cricket for corporate teams.

Manish Tarkar with Sachin Tendulkar
Manish Tarkar with Sachin Tendulkar

Manish has always been passionate about cricket and over the time he has skilled himself in coaching kids and adults apart from also officiating in matches as an Umpire. With time and experience, Manish developed core expertise in organizing and managing sports events. Since he understands the sports and has a wide experience in curating sports events, he came up with SportsNext India which is a Sports Event Management company working towards organizing, planning and executing various types of sporting events in a more planned and professional way.

Manish Tarkar
Founder: Manish Tarkar

Apart from Manish, Sportsnext also has an extended team including one more co-founder, a content and marketing head alongwith team members who support him in his on-ground sporting events and retail activities.

Sportsnext Team
Sportsnext Team

In a span of 2 years, Sportsnext has managed and executed 300+ sports events apart from also gathering a strong social media presence wherein they have their own Youtube Channel, Website and an ever-growing Instagram Platform which currently has close to 21,000 followers! Sportsnext has also developed rich content in the last one year covering a lot of Mumbai Cricket and other sports alongwith interviewing State and National Level Athletes!

Core Activities of –

  • Tournament Operations.
  • On Ground Assistance in Sporting Events.
  • End to End Event Management.
  • Live Scoring.
  • Live Streaming.
  • Sports Good Retail.
  • Ground Booking.
  • Personal Coaching for Cricket/Football/Volleyball.
  • Content Creation.
  • Media Coverage to Clubs & Sporting Events.

Reach out to Sportsnext Team on +91 98212 90379 or 70210 96897 or visit their website

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