10 Reasons How Computer & Mobiles Has Made Our Lives Miserable!

No doubt the invention of smartphones & computers have been a boon to the people around the world. It has also changed our lifestyles but in contrast we have become too much dependent on them. As much as benefits which are attached with these inventions, it also comes with its flaws if overly used or misused, hence we came with a list of  10 reasons through which smartphones & mobiles have impacted our lives negatively!

No Time For Body!


We are so engrossed in our laptops, computers and mobiles we hardly have time to pamper our body and look after its health. We forget the joy of walks, the benefits of exercises and work-out, the calmness through meditation or fitness through Yoga because we have messages to reply on FB or Whatsapp! Isn’t it?

No Time To Eat!


It has been reported and proved that children between 5 to 15 years are not eating properly if they are exposed to mobiles, ipads or games at an early age. As a result it affects their health, they don’t get proper sleep, they wake up late and much more. Though It applies to all the people of all age groups.

Now We Even Fall In Love Online!


Gone are the times of waiting below her building, following her or writing letters or simply meeting her secretly. Now you fall in love on computer by looking at her pics, you get intense through the messages you exchanger online and the kiss you get is in the form of a smiley, not the real one!

Made Us Lazy!


Forget about banking, even buying vegetables or ordering crocin is done online, this has made us extremely lazy and we now take everything for granted sitting on the laptop and not going out to buy in fresh air, walking to the shops.

Virtual Shopping!


Going out with your girlfriend, making out with her in the changing room, then eating lots of things together, the fun we had of going to diwali shopping with our mom-dad and sister, going from one shop to another, chatting and changing dresses, trying out everything, then following it up with a dinner together with the family! Those were the good times. Now even your underwear to your jeans to a pack of condoms, everything you order it online.

Everything Through Facebook or Whatsapp!


Earlier there used to be tremendous love and affection.  We used to call them through a genuine intention and a big heart. We would personally call them or even go to their place to invite them for a special occasion or any event or your birthday. Deep bonding and real connection could be seen! Now all you need to is forward a message or an image of an invite or a wish through facebook or whatsapp!

Kids Play On Computers And Avoid The Real Sports!


Ask them any latest games for PC’s, PS3 or their Ipads. Even a five year old will know. But today’s kids are so much engrossed in playing everything on computer or either online, the charm of calling your friends and playing with them in the building or a ground is lost. Gone are the days of Stop-parties, cricket and football! Also today’s kids are sacrificing their eye vision and physical fitness since they are not playing real sports but on a screen.

We chat on mobiles even while sitting with somebody rather than talking face to face!


Even if you are out on a date, you or the one you are with will talk more and focus on his/her smartphone rather than talking with you & looking in your eyes. Go out for family dinners or attend functions, dad is busy with his phonecall, sister is busy chatting and you are busy instagraming or exploring FB.

Obese & Unhealthy Lifestyle!


This is a scientifically proven fact that a person who posseses smartphone or a PC spends atleast six hours or more on it daily. This means he is neither eating, sleeping, exercising or moving which leads to obesity. Bending of bone structure and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Old World Charm Lost!


People falling in love for real not through facebook, shopping together with family on different occasions while having a total blast, playing together with your friends in the field and fighting, people talking through heart, eye to eye & not though a forwarded message, everything seems to be lost!


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