Straight from a Young Doctors Heart!

There was a time when doctors were given the position of ‘God’. They were considered to be the most respected form of human beings we could ever come across & why not?!

Doctors give their best to save our lives, to improve our health, they make it possible for a new birth to come to the world and at the same time also save us from going up when we mess up with our health. The deadliest of diseases to ailments are cured by doctors & they are given the position and respect of God for a reason.

But the times have changed, people are getting more & more inspired by movies, politicans and what not else. Not everytime a doctor says ‘NO’ is because he wants you to follow the rules and procedures before getting admitted for his ego trip, sometimes the doctors are genuinely in some trouble, sometimes that specific speciality doctor who is needed is not there or not available, sometimes the beds are actually full or not available & sometimes we doctors are being victimized for no good reason.

Everytime when we say ‘no’ or when we say “please wait” or follow this procedure, the public i.e the patients and their relatives would look at us as if we are some bad ass villains straight from the movies & they feel like they have to become a hero by arguing or fighting with us just like how in movies a hero or a villain fights with the doctor to get his loved one admitted in no time. But please guys, try to understand, real life is quite different from movies.

We as doctors don’t feel good when a patient is struggling or when a patient dies in front of us but there has to be the right protocols, availaibility and a lot of factors before we can treat somebody, we request you to fill our shoes for a day if you think our job is all that easy & it’s easy and fun to say ‘NO’ to the patients.

Away from family we passed the toughest of exams so that you get the best treatment, we studied day and night for years, we are here to serve, what pleasure do we get in saying ‘NO’? In fact ‘NO’ is the last thing which we could say to a patient because that’s not we are here for…

 Please try to understand, there has to be a reason behind that ‘NO’ which we have to say sometimes.

Just a recent example-


A resident doctor of orthopaedics at Dhule Maharashtra in govt. Medical college was brutally assaulted
last sunday while he was on duty at night when a patient comes with a head injury along with his 40 -45 relatives. First of all 40-45 relatives? I mean is hospital an ‘akhada’?

When the doctor said since neurosurgeon is not available here you have to go to the higher centre &

This is what followed:-


  • This doctor in the image(who does not want to be named) has lost his eye sight(permanent loss) as he was beaten by a group of these people badly.
  • Plus he suffered from internal bleeding along with trauma to his chest abdomen and head.
  • Often we are at the receiving end of the patients, their relatives outburst and there is no security for us even after repeated strikes and everything.
  • This is how we are treated after devoting so much time and everything?
  • Also the whole hospital was damaged and vandalized by them.
  • This has been routine now as few months back the same thing happened in KEM hospital also.
  • The resident doctors work day in and day out just to get beaten?

Here is the video proof of that doctor too on how badly we are treated-


Today it was this doctor, tomorrow it will be me & yesterday another one, if things doesn’t change and keeps on increasing like this, that day won’t be far when parents will say ‘beta apan ko doctor nai ban na hai’ aur kuch karlo & there will be a sharp decline in the number of doctors practicing in India. If this plight continues, many aspiring students who maybe the future doctors may think twice before taking this profession, many doctors would consider relocating & work abroad and India will suffer a genuine shortage of quality doctors. Today we almost lost a talented doctor in that guy who lost his eye, tomorrow you may loose me but is that what we want? We are here to serve you, we feel equally bad when you are not well or when your loved one is on the verge of dying but we give our best, we just want co-operation & the respect we deserve.

Hope all my brothers & sisters understand our plight.

If you can’t give us the position & respect of God which we used to get earlier, its completely okay….atleast give us the respect of a ‘Human being’…it’s enough for us.

Straight from a Young Doctors Heart!

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Haineel Shah(editor)


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