28yr old Corona Survivor debunks myths and fears attached with the Disease : Must Hear!

Coronavirus hospital support staff

One 28 yr old patient who does not wish to disclose his name shared with Bombaynews.in- “I was admitted in Cooper Hospital and I came back home recovered at Just 60 Rs out of which 50 Rs were auto fare which I spent while going home by myself. The government gave me end to end treatment, I made new friends, it was completely a non-hostile environment, unlike what is printed in news papers & channels, the hospital staff tried their best to give all of us best treatment possible & to maintain hygiene, the food was really good as Cooper Hospital’s meals are prepared from ISKCON Facility, I received morning breakfast, two meals, juice and evening snacks and you can’t throw tantrums and ask for more when you are getting all of this for free of cost.  Obviously limited staff of doctors and nurses who work selflessly sometimes get tired, exhausted and are even during stress, hence you can’t expect them to be graceful & elegant all the time during this stressful period”

It’s very important for all of us to be positive during these times, the building societies are unnecessarily making life miserable and treating covid-19’s family members who are not affected as untouchables. I remember my sister was not even allowed to take a lift, she went down 8 floors everyday walking to buy medicines or essentials. There are many other things where the building societies act completely hostile towards a Covid family which is not just fair. However, at the same time I must say I was lucky to have many friends, relatives and neighbors who helped me and my family selflessly”

Also it’s very positive to see most of the discharged patients sharing positive stories about how this disease has been hyped up by the media and things are not that horrible as much as media makes it look like. Also 8 out of 10 patients have shared that the government is trying their best to treat the patients and things in the quarantine wards or emergency wards are not that horrendous as much as it’s portrayed in TV news channels.

Coronavirus is just a normal disease which 80% of healthy humans won’t even realize that it has come and gone. Very soon in near future, it will be a part of our lives just like any another diseases like fever, dengue or malaria. In most of the wards where patients are admitted, it’s like a hostel where patients are sharing mobile numbers, making new friends, doing activities like drawing, sketching or even playing cricket or ordering food online and working on laptop. Yes many patients also recall dead bodies being taken away wrapped in plastic but that is just one of the part of the safety protocols and when you are admitted in a hospital, you are mentally prepared for all that and stop fearing about all that.

The unnecessary stigma attached with Coronavirus patients is really uncalled for, yes it’s infectious but there are many dangerous diseases like Cancer, Dengue and Pneumonia which are causing more deaths in India everyday. It is very important to give respect, be courteous and be helpful towards the Covid-19 patients. Even the Government has strictly condemned the public from being hostile towards the patients (active or discharged).

Amidst all the negativity which is surrounded at present, there are also lots of positives everyday with recovery rate in Mumbai now at 52.47% and mortality rate coming down to 2.7%. Major laboratories and doctors have shared that Mumbai has reached their peak and by July end, the curve may start to flatten wherein the number of discharged patients will be more, number of admits will decrease and so will be the number of deaths which will come down drastically.

However, it goes without saying:

  • We have to stay hygienic as much as possible.
  • Wear mask whenever you venture out.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands everyday everytime.
  • Avoid touching people when outside your house.
  • Not to throw any dry or wet garbage on roads.
  • Throw every form of garbage in dustbins.
  • Clean your house daily atleast once a day.
  • Avoid smoking and alchohol, as it increases the risk of getting affected by 36 to 40%
  • Help senior citizens and educate them about their safety




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