Alba Watches: The Underrated Watch Brand with a Seiko Lineage

Alba Watches

Alba Watches India: Their latest offering of watch model AL4191X1 from Alba is 100mtrs automatic with Jubilee Strap making it a real value for money watch. Alba is completely backed by Seiko as they share their technology and movements so you can be assured of reliability and quality because of the Seiko lineage attached to it.

Moresover, Alba even though being an independent brand is completely owned by Seiko Watch Corporation Japan. So basically, you can expect the same level of finish, quality, durability and feel which you get from Seiko watches. Also Alba watches has various offering with stunning designs. They also have many elegant timepieces with sapphire crystal at really affordable price range.

Even though, Alba is a relatively less popular watch brand in India, it’s slowly making a mark for itself as one brand to watch out for. Also one thing can be assured is, this watch will be somewhat respected by watch horologists because Alba is completely dedicated into watch making unlike other fashion brands. Even though you can’t expect a Seiko 5 or Seiko Sport Quality from their automatics but on any given day Alba Watches have better fit and finish with proprietary Japanese Technology of Seiko making it better than run of the mill fashion brands like Guess, Fossil, Diesel, Armani Exchange or DKNY.

This brand is owned by Seiko to target the youth, it’s their marketing process to develop loyalty from them as they can later upgrade it to Seiko and Grand Seiko as and when their purchasing power increases. Alba is a very popular brand in Middle East, Asia and countries like Kuwait, Japan, Dubai and Pakistan. However, they have been very minimalist when it comes to aggressive marketing and that is one reason not many people know about this brand. With the right amount of marketing and ensuring consistency over quality which they have been so far since 1979, Alba can certainly make their presence felt in India.


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