Be Careful – Covid Test Scams out in the Open!

Covid Test Scams

Just when the world was about to reach a level of peace, a new variant called Omnicron has come into action and this time it is being said that Omnicron is less effective but spreads faster. The ones who have been tested Omnicron have shared their experiences that its just a normal viral flu just given a new name of Corona Variant. In the last 3 weeks, the cases have increased and after a huge research done by independent volunteers, it has been found that 33% of the cases in Tier I and Tier II Cities have been wrongly detected.

The volunteers from Mumbai even reached out Individually to people who tested positive and later came negative on the next day. Over 12,000 cases across Mumbai have been reported so far where in a person has tested positive in the first test and tested negative in the second test done through another clinic.

This practice is not only proving to be dangerous as its affecting mental & financial health humans and their families by wrongly giving them positive reports but it is also outright unethical on the health department to not take notice of these wrongdoings. urges all its readers to be careful and test their reports twice from multiple laborataries before accepting any kind of Covid Reports. It is also recommended to get yourself tested in a reputed and a well maintained lab/clinic than a local nearby lab. Also, if you are experiencing minor symptoms like mild fever or little bit of cough or sneezing, its recommended not to take any tests and just take 3-4 days of rest at home.

In Kandivali alone, over a 100 cases were individually verified where in they were tested positive and then came negative the next day. Alok Mehta a Mahavir Nagar Resident shared with “I was about to go to Maldives for a family trip on 12th, i took my Covid Test on 10th, it came positive, however, i did not have a single problem or did not experience any symptoms, later i went to another lab and got myself tested and the reports came negative. The tour eventually got postponed as tour organizers were not ready to accept me and my family onboard immediately.

Like Alok, there have been many citizens who have shared similar experiences and its high time we don’t succumb madly to any covid related news and fears.

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