Goa with 12% decline amongst the least affected Tourism States in the World

With Mumbai having 33 suspects and 6 confirmed cases, it is one of the largely affected cities so far in Maharashtra with the COVID-19 virus. So far, across a population of 120 crore+, only 60 people have been affected with Cornovirus but it has been the media which has created a huge boom in the market which is benefiting some of the industries while it is destroying many of the markets. The medical market consisting of gloves, masks, sanitary liquids, disinfectizers, lotions and body cream have seen a growth of 850% in the last 2 months with a simple 10 rupee mask being sold now at Rs 100/. Even the plastic manufacturing industry has witnessed more than 200% spike with the uncountable demand of bottles required for Sanitizers and other medical fluids. On the other hand, the food industry consisting of small and big restaurants, the travel industry consisting of airlines, railways, resorts and hotels have seen a decline of 46% with losses amounting to 26,000 crore alone in India.

After Mumbai, Indore has the 2nd highest casualties with 34 cases so far with 2 confirmed patients who were discharged on 11.03.20. Followed by Indore, Kerala also had 3 confirmed cases which were quarantined and discharged on 9th of March, 2020. There has been unnecessary panic created and it’s time for the people to stay calm and lead normal regular lives.

Even though the tourism has affected Goa but it is by far the least affected tourist destinations amongst  China, Bangkok, Dubai, Europe, Kashmir, Singapore and Pattaya” Europe lost 53% of its tour bookings in the month of February and march while China and Bangkok have led complete shutdown of inward and outward travelers. Amongst the top tourist destinations in the World, Goa with 12% decline has been the least affected state so far and why not with just one confirmed case so far who is undergoing successful treatment in the isolation ward of a government hospital. Also the Goa Government has stopped the entry of foreigners for a period of 31 days starting from 03.03.20

Uddhav Thackeray speaking with The Hindu shared in a joint statement “All the necessary steps have been taken, it’s my message to the public to not enter the panic zone. In fact this is one good lesson for all of us to stay hygienic and maintain cleanliness”

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant in a statement to Times of India said “Not to panic at all, all the necessary precautions have been taken, all the foreigners have been denied entry into International Airport effective till 3rd April 2020. The only thing required at this stage is cleanliness, less mess and hygiene”

Crowded Days as usual at Deltin

Mr.Cao of Deltin Pride shared with Bombay News, “The inward business of our casino has been almost the same as last year for the month of feb-march, it’s an unnecessary hype to create shutter in the stock markets, yes one can always be cautious, but everything is completely normal in Goa with locals living their regular life as usual while tourists also coming in good numbers”


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