How to recover your money or prevent fraud from VLE Bazaar or any Online Shopping Websites

Vle bazaar reviews

For the uninitiated, Vlebazaar is an online fraud shopping website like thousands of other online shopping websites where it shows you can purchase mobiles, electronics and many other products. Also these sites are designed so professionally that for a moment you will blindly forget that it’s a scam, it will appear as good as Amazon or Flipkart.

The article is shared by a user who got trapped into this scam and also successfully came out of it. Thousands of people get scammed daily but hardly .1% get their money recovered and this guy who is sharing his experience is amongst those lucky ones. HOPE this article helps.

For all those who lost their money by purchasing through VLE bazaar or who got to know that this site is a scam after making the purchase. This is the immediate process.

Step 1:

Raise a ticket on their backend for order cancellation (though you won’t get any reply but you can atleast save that ticket raised as a proof or take a screenshot of it)

Step 2:

Call their Customer Care (if they ever pick up and ask them for order cancellation. (They won’t send you order cancellation id or immediate mail so pls record the entire call for proof)

Also don’t loose your cool or you may spoil your game. No matter how the executive talks or no matter how much frustrated you are talk gracefully and politely as it’s a process which is going to help you gather proof.

Step 3:

Make an official email to vlebazaar’s official customer support email id which you can find on their website. The mail should mention your order id and a line clearly stating that you want to cancel the order. (Again this is for proof to take screenshot that you cancelled the order)

Step 4:

Take a note of your transaction Id (whether you directly made a payment through card or Google pay or any other way of online banking.

Step 5:

Razorpay is their official payment gateway partner. From step 1 to step 4 gather all screenshots of your communication (screenshots of all your mails, raised tickets, ticket id/number) along with your transaction Id and go to razorpay’s official website.

Step 6:

Go to customer support section on razorpay’s website and raise a issue. In that you can ask for a chargeback/ report fraud and fill neccesary details.

Also they will ask in detail on how it happened and why you want a refund. So explain the whole thing along with neccesary screenshots as proof. There will be option to upload files.

Step 7:

Once you raise a issue with razorpay, they will immediately mail you with their ticket number and within 24 to 72 hrs, they will chargeback i.e refund the entire amount back to your account.

Please make sure you can do all this only if you have immediately realized the fraud. In my case I realized within 1hr of purchase that the website is a fraud since I have a habit of checking online reviews of everything. Hence, i was lucky enough or else the late you get, the chances of recovery gets decreased.

Step 8:

Also immediately notify your bank logging online or physically go to the branch and inform the same. It’s a bit tedious process but this will increase your chances more as along with us even our bank will follow up with the payment gateway which raises the chance of successful refund.


Also different fraud sites have different payment gateways, always follow the same steps and communicate in similar fashion with your bank and payment gateways.

Last but not the least, never make any purchases getting lured at mouth watering discounts. Also never order anything from websites whose name you have never heard. It’s recommended to purchase anything from popular sites like Amazon, Flipkart or brand’s official site (the brand of the product which you are looking for) or physically purchase it from a shop. Even if it means paying a little extra.

As you can see what Google Ads can do. Vlebazaar is recommended alongside trusted sites like Flipkart in product recommendations.Also don’t blindly go by the Google Recommendations. There are thousands of fraud websites on Google who spend enough money on Google Ads to get recommended alongside top reliable brands/websites/platforms.

In this way a user finds that website legit and goes on to make purchases. In my case when I entered keyword Nokia 6.1 plus since I was looking for a mobile, I found Vlebazaar’s recommendation alongside the likes of Flipkart, Amazon and Croma. This made me belive that even this site must be legit and they were selling the phone at almost half the price. Hence I just blindly made the purchase.


Similarly there are thousands of fraud websites for thousands of fraud services and products. Always be careful and never make online payment on websites which you are not confident about or have never heard of.

Vle bazaar reviews
As you can see what Google Ads can do. Vlebazaar is recommended alongside trusted sites like Flipkart in product recommendations.

In many cases you will also come across people or sites online where it will show product available on COD and just pay delivery charges. People get fooled there too as delivery charges is their only source of income and they won’t deliver any products to you at the first place.

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