Top 10 Awesome Places In Mumbai You Must Visit Atleast Once!

If you live in Mumbai and you still haven’t visited these places, you are really missing out a lot! Infact you don’t live in Mumbai if you don’t know about these places!

Dalal Street-Churchgate


The Wall street of India, the daily turnover alone in that street runs in thousands of Crores. Swanky long cars, top notch professionals, crisp suits, best traders of Mumbai, Foreign investors, old-big time stock brokers, the iconic BSE Building and the huge Sensex Market Screen adorning the street awaits you at Dalal Street. Also checkout the famous peanut sellers, the freshest and the best sandwiches, sugarcane juices and shakes, old cafes and bakeries, the iconic century old banks which are the main branches all are present at one time and at one place at the iconic ‘Dalal Street’. The magic and aura of walking on that street can only be experienced after you go there!


 World Trade Center(Cuffe Parade)


Not only The “World Trade Center” is iconic itself which is worth visiting once. It has global brands and companies inside. But even the area surrounding the World Trade Center is as beautiful. The creamest of the crowds, main bank branches, foreign embassies, most expensive and sophisticated properties and great food is what Cuffe Parade is all about. Also checkout out the famous WTC pasta besides the iconic building.

 Marine Drive& Sea Link at Night


Just go to Marine Drive after twilight. The view of the city, the cool breeze, the sound of the water waves and a posh road and the surrounding area will make you feel relaxed and pampered. So does the drive at Sea Link which will make you feel no less about your country than any other foreign country in the world. 

LIV-Kala Ghoda


For nightlife, there are hundreds of happening clubs in Mumbai, LIV is suggested just because it is in the heart of Mumbai. At Churchgate, Kala Ghoda, this is one of the most happening clubs to party in Mumbai. The richest of the kids, drinks, expensive cars, students from posh schools and colleges, good-looking cream crowd and couples and great music awaits you.

Amar Juice Center at Andheri (Midnight)


Be it their tasty buttery Pav-bhaji or their thick finger licking butter scotch milkshake at 2am in the night over the bonnet of your car with your best friends or your girlfriend. Its just fun and memorable to go there again and again. Even at midnight this place is totally crowded with youngsters and teenagers.

 The Secret Khau Gallis at Marine Lines



The MK market, the bora bazaar, the gold market inside the bylanes of Marine lines has some of the most well kept secret food spots of Mumbai. Cheese fudlas amongst others with buttery pav’s, steaming hot idlis, Bhagat Tarachand, the hot red kachoris, the rabdi from Mount Abu, Sindhi sandwich or their Sev puri made from one single large puri! You need to try all this once in your life before you die!

Fashion Street & Naval Millitary Base in Churhgate


Fashion street is one of the largest fashion streets of India stretching upto 3-4kms. First copy watches, branded jeans, shirts, shoes, tees, electronics and in fact anything you will get at this street. Whatever the seller quotes, you need to directly half the price to start bargaining with and you take home lot of things at low budget. The Powerful Naval Military base in Churchgate which protects the entire Mumbai from any sea threats  is also open a few days in a month where you can literally look inside the Huge ships(INS Vikrant amongst others), armies, what happens inside a powerful military setup and much more.

 Brittania & Company(Ballard Pier)


The heaven of Parsi and Iranian cuisine and first of all, if you want to look at vintage old British buildings, Government headquarters, old museums, clubs and libraries, you should visit the Ballard Pier Road in Churchgate. Again there are many iconic Parsi old bakeries and restaurants but Brittania is the most legendary and classiest. More than a century old and on the verge of closing down, it has been visited even by the Royal families of England and other countries. The staff, the setup, the furniture, the vibe, the feel, their tea and coffee, berry pulao, omlettes are all heavens of the world and takes you to a different zone of the 19th century.

 Art Galleries, Musuems & Old Churches


There are many huge art galleries which are renowned around the world. Jehangir Art Gallery, Chattrapati Shivaji Vastu Sanghralaya, RBI museum, Century old big churches and many more art shops and destinations awaits you at Churchgate and South Bombay.

 Gateway of India and then to Bhagat Tarachand (Marine Lines)


The iconic Gateway of India. The majestic view of the seas, the iconic Taj and Oberoi Hotels standing in front of them, the boat rides to Ajanta and elephanta caves and Alibaug amongst others, the horse carriages, mix of foreigners and Indians, the iconic Bademiyan food stall, everything is just perfect at this place. After a hectic day, head away to Bhagat Tarachand at Marine Lines to have the traditional Indian and Punjabi food made of the purest of things in earthy and steel plates. The Indian kacha Beer, chaas(buttermilk) in nude Kingfisher Bottles, panner subji with Bhakri and onions or just order a thali! A worthwhile experience for sure!

-By Haineel Shah



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