Sagittarius Man & How to Attract them!

Sagittarius Man-

Sagittarius guys are very confident, positive and cheerful by nature. They always have a bright outlook towards life. They are always brimming with encouraging thoughts and ideas. They will stay positive even if they are going through the worst phases in their life. These guys like exploring new things and they will always be ready to gain new knowledge. They are also very adventurous by nature and they like to travel to new places and meet new people. They are also big food lovers. These guys love to travel because they are very curious to meet new people, know different cultures and lifestyles. They are also very honest by nature. They will never cheat, lie or ditch to the people they are close to. They are also great risk takers and to achieve their goals they can go to any extent. They can take risks in life which others would not even think of taking. They are also found to be careless with money and they push their luck too far. These men are known for their loyalty, honest nature and their expressive nature. They are very straightforward with their opinions and will never mince words. These guys possess a grand vision in life and strive to achieve luxurious lifestyle. They are very possessive and protective of their loved ones and will expect the same amount of care from them too.

How to attract a Sagittarius Man-

These guys are adventurous, they like trying out new things. To win them over and attract them, you have to be open to change. You have to be spontaneous and free-spirited in order to attract them. These guys love to explore. That said, it even applies to the people in their life. Don’t reveal yourself completely to these guys. Create a mystery and reveal yourself in layers. You should always be honest and tell the truth. Never try to fake with them or lie to them. They have a tendency to spot such people easily. These guys are natural optimists and positive people. Never try to be negative in any way with these guys. Be upbeat, playful and keep things light-hearted. Sagittarius guys love those women who challenge them. They like women who are unpredictable and make them guessing for what she will do next with them. They love to travel and explore new places. If you already love that, its going to make you earn brownie points over them as they will bond and gel well with such like-minded people. Sags love to flirt, be flirtatious while you engage with these guys. Try to be witty and naughty while teasing them with your flirting. This is one such quality which turns them on. They like the feeling of their loved ones relying on them but never try to be over clingy. Also you should take care of your appearance as they like women who are elegantly well dressed and smell amazing all the time.


Famous Sagittarius Personalities- Jay Z, Brad Pitt, Walt Disney, Trey Songs, Dean Ambrose


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