Aquarius Women & How to Attract Them!

Aquarius woman-

An Aquarius woman is completely independent, full of opinions and strong headed. They are very friendly and approachable by nature. They have the ability to achieve the toughest of things because of their will power and fighting nature. They love to live on their own and they don’t depend a lot on others for their life goals or happiness. These women are also very truthful and compassionate by nature. They are very straightforward and will never shy away from expressing themselves. They are very opinionated and will always push themselves to put forward their opinions. They strive for a successful career and position along with a comfortable lifestyle. They are also very socially concerned personalities and will never run away to do things which is for the betterment of the society. They are very friendly and humble, hence they make friends easily. They are unpredictable and at times impractical. They are very passionate to achieve their dreams and can do anything for it. As friends, they are very adorable and fun to be with. They will never tell you no on anything you ask for. Be it for a night out or going for a movie at night. They are always a sport. They are also very dependable and reliable as friends. They are protective and you will always find them encouraging and optimistic. Even as parents they understand that there is a generation gap with their children. They know how much of freedom, space and independence should be given to their children and when to interfere.

How to attract an Aquarius Woman-

To understand an Aquarius woman, one needs to have a lot of patience. They need a lot of emotional space and it takes time for them to fall in love. These women are very open-minded, unusual at times and unconventional. Just surprise them, trust them and always try to flatter their open-mindedness. Be a little bit unpredictable. You also have to makes sure that your dates are not monotonous and conventional all the time. Bring some variety and surprise her. These woman don’t need others approval, so don’t go over-board with your compliments.  These women love to do things out of ordinary. You need to stimulate all her senses if you want to win her over. Take her to a museum or a concert which has unusual music. Take her to unconventional date. A classical concert or even a restaurant which offers different cuisines will do.  You should never bind her or try to dominate her as she is fiercely independent by nature. Don’t be too clingy or demanding from the start of your friendship or relationship. You also have to bear her erratic nature at times. You can challenge her senses but never play with her stubbornness as they will never change their views or opinions easily. These girls are social butterflies and they will have a lot of guy friends. Don’t be surprised or upset if she talks about other guys with you. Listen without getting affected as they are the masters of keeping a lot of guys under friend zone.

Famous Aquarius Personalities- Ellen De Genres, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts.


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