Cancer Women & The Secrets to Win them!

Cancer Woman-

A Cancer woman is full of feminism and substance. She oozes with class and persona which truly defines a woman. She can also be very emotional and stubborn if things don’t go according to her way or if the people close to her are hurting her. She is very pampering and sensitive by nature. She takes time to open up because of her shy nature but once she opens up and ice breaks, she is a completely different personality. Their best qualities lie in their calm nature and matured composure. They are very practical and diplomatic women. They will always have the most logical answers or solutions to every questions or problems. When they fall in love, they can be very intimate and passionate. They will also be very honest and committed once they fall in a relationship. They are also known for their great fashion sense. They are literally the fashionistas and you will see them wearing the most trendy and elegant dresses to woo the people around them. They are also great peacemakers and they will be the first person who will get a call from their friends if they are in trouble. These women also dislike criticism and rejections in life and they will do their level best to avoid such situations. As friends they are the ones with whom you can share your wildest secrets and they will be safe with them. Hanging out and night outs with them are also fun with these women.

How to attract a Cancer woman-

To attract a Cancer woman, you literally have to be grounded and sorted out in life. They don’t like happy-go-lucky guys or the ones who are ready to fight on a blink of a chance to enter into a brawl type of guys. They will also appreciate if a guy has the confidence to approach her and display his feelings to her. Cancer woman loves those who can talk with them for hours. Talking on diverse topics which leads to engaging and stimulating conversation is a big turn on for her. She will also fall head over heels for someone who is very well dressed and always puts efforts to look good. Paying attention to what she is talking and paying attention to her minute details will make her feel special. Just like Cancer Man, these women are very attached to their family and loved ones. Make a close contact with their friends and also create a good impression in front of her siblings and parents. Also never say anything ill about her family or her friends. As a result, she will be all the more impressed and will come closer to you. You need to work hard to gain her trust because they don’t trust someone easily and open up with everyone. Be agreeable with her on what she’s saying because she dislikes criticism or rejection in any manner. She is the cuddly type of a sensitive woman, so try to be sweet with her and show your intimate side to her. They are also known to have mood swings and you need to co-operate and understand what they are going through.

Famous Cancer Personalities- Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Amanda Cerny, Lily Pons!


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