Capricorn Man & How To Attract Them!

Capricorn Man-

Capricorn Men are known to be conservative by nature. They are very calm, polite and gentleman. They are chivalrous and generous too. They are very hard working by nature and are very concerned about their financial and emotional stability. They are very loyal and have a close bunch of equally loyal and supportive friends in their life. You need to win their trust and work very hard to have a close relation with these guys. They sometimes appear to be aloof, cold and detached from the world. But that’s far from reality and it is just their way of hiding their emotions. They are a little bit reserved and it takes time for them to open up and express themselves. You have to give them more than one reason to prove your faithfulness and sincerity. Once they open up and ice gets broken with them, they are completely different personalities. Even though they are not the social animals or the partying hard types but they are friendly and they love to mix with people. They are one of the examples of best friends. Totally loyal, honest and protective are the keywords describing their friendship. Even as fathers, they are protective with a traditional touch of parenting. They can never be angry with their children and are very emotional with them. They are very ambitious and passionate to pursue their goals and will never allow anything to deter their dreams.

How to attract a Capricorn Man-

In order to win them over, you need to be patient and take it slow with them. They are reserved and a little bit introverts by nature. They take time to open up and be comfortable with someone. They also admire the company of those who can make them laugh and have an interesting time together. You also have to be direct with these guys when it comes to expressing your feelings or communicating with them. To attract these guys, you need to dress well, look elegant and classy. An elegantly well dressed woman is a huge turn on for these guys. A woman should also be very logical, practical and polite to attract these guys. They appreciate woman who are self-dependant and have their own life and goals rather than depending on someone.  Because they are shy and reserved, they don’t like public display of affection, hence you have to be subtle in public with them. That does not mean you should stop seducing them. They also like women who are completely loyal and honest by nature. They are not the guys who are flirty or believe in one night stands. They take love and relationships seriously and would expect the same from their partner. When it comes to romance and dating, these guys are very traditional. Hence going out for dinners and movies is what you have to start with till the time he suggests something new. Be ambitious, be stable and understand their lack of emotions.  Compliment their personality and support them in their endeavors. Soon you will notice these guys drifting closer towards you.


Famous Capricorn Personalities- Nash Grier, Zayn Malik, Lebron james, Elvis Presley, Liam Hemsworth, Muhammad Ali


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