Capricorn Woman & How To Attract Them!

Capricorn Woman-

These women are emotional, sensitive, simple and intelligent by nature. They are extremely ambitious and perform their tasks with lots of zeal and aggression.  They are very analytical and meticulous by nature and they are well aware of their weaknesses and strengths. They are straightforward and more expressive than their male counterparts. They rarely depend on someone to make themselves happy. They are also very creative and experimental by nature and they will not shy away from trying out new things. They pay heed to others emotions and listen carefully to what others have to say. These women also strive hard and are very concerned about their financial security, progress in life and overall stability. They are known to have dual natures. They can be outgoing and conservative at the same time. They are very positive and optimistic people who will always encourage people around them. As friends, you can literally share anything with them and not worry about your secrets being leaked. Even as mothers, they are doting moms. You will always find them running behind their children to ensure that they are well fed and taken care of.

How to attract a Capricorn Woman-

Looks are very important to these women, always dress well and put efforts to look good when you are with her. You should deal with her nature and never feel upset or surprised if she cancels the date at the last moment. She is very ambitious and hard working and such things can happen while you guys date. Since these women are career oriented and ambitious, you have to make sure that you discuss your career related achievements once in a while you are talking with her. This will make her notice and get her more attracted towards you. Capricorn women unlike their male counterparts are not a huge fan of traditional dating. They would prefer something unconventional which includes a friendly competition. Take her to bowling or mini golfing. These women dislike over possessive and clingy guys. Avoid making too many phone calls in a day and continuous texts to her if she is busy. She likes to take control of her emotions as well as her life. She will quickly lose interest if you appear to be demanding , over needy and expect too much from her. You have to be patient and understand that it takes time for these shy and reserved women to open up and express themselves or get into a relationship with someone. They are also very much attached to their family, so love your family and show her how happy and well-knit your family members are. She will be eager to spend more time with you then as she will feel secured. Capricorn has a strong bunch of very few best friends, talk to them and be friendly. Make a good impression in front of them and you will surely find her getting more attracted towards you.


Famous Capricorn Personalities- Ellie Golding, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton, Betty White


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