Gemini Man & How to Attract Them!

Gemini Man-

Gemini man are one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable and energetic people. They are highly analytical and resourceful. They like socializing and meeting new people. They also like to explore new mysteries, new places and food. They are adventurous and they love travelling at different places. They are also one of the most academically intelligent and successful people. On the flip side they can be very deceitful, dishonest and disloyal. They are known to have dual sides to them. They can quickly and easily change their minds. They are known to shift their loyalties from one friend to another. Hence, they are not the most dependable and reliable friends. Sharing a dark secret with them is surely not going to be safe with them. These guys have the ability to floor anyone by their innate charm and wit. They are known as the masters of conversation. They are very knowledgeable and have diverse and varied topics to talk on. You can keep on talking with them for hours and you will never feel bored. In fact you would love to spend more time with them. They are at the most cool to hang out with rather being the permanent and loyal friends. These guys have the ability to use their strength to their full potential and excel in life. It is tough for them to fall in love and commitment because of their nature of shifting from one friend to another. But once they fall in love, they will completely change their persona and strive to be honest, loyal and trustworthy.

How to attract a Gemini Man-

Gemini guys are known to socialize and flirt. Give them the signs and signals that you are interested in him through your minor gestures.  If you want to attract them flirt with them like crazy. It will arouse their senses and they will be willing to spend more time with you. You have to be extremely patient and give him lots of space because it is very tough for them to fall for someone and be in a relationship. You should be able to make him laugh. Show him your sense of humor and wit and he will be all the more attracted towards you. These guys love to talk, they are the masters of conversation and communication. Hence you have to be a very good conversationalist to impress them. Let them know that you are aware about the things happening around her and the world affairs. Being knowledgeable and expressive is a major attraction for these guys. Gemini guys also love women who are sensual and can get naughty and kinky. When these guys are alone, spend some lone time with him, give him a peck on his cheek or just be touchy. While you guys are dating, always keep things interesting as they have a tendency to get bored easily. Bring some variety while you guys date, take him for an outdoor trip to a hill station or you guys can just explore a museum together. Dress well, conversate and be patient if you want to win over their hearts.


Famous Gemini Personalities- Donald Trump, Fetty Wap, Kanye West, Johhny Depp



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