Gemini Women & How to Attract Them!


Gemini Woman-

A Gemini woman is always bustling with energy, passion and zeal. She is very bubbly and enthusiastic by nature. These women are blessed with a vibrant personality and a positive outlook towards life. They are very optimistic and will always spread positivity wherever they go. These women just like their male counterparts are very adventurous. They love to travel and explore new places. They like making new friends and meeting new people. They are the ultimate social animals you can ever come across. They are the life of the party and they are very flirty and approachable by nature. When we talk about one night stands, friends with benefits, just casually flirting and dating, hanging out together, these women are the “poster women” of these qualities or concepts. At the same time because of their dual sided nature, their tendency to just flirt and meet new people and their shifting nature makes them unreliable as best friends. They are very sensual and active in the bed. They will always be brimming with new ideas and activities. Boredom and monotonous lifestyle are their biggest fears. Overall they are very diplomatic and analytical. They will always have solutions for any problems and they can be the people to take advice from.

How to attract a Gemini Woman-

Gemini woman are very easy to approach and easy to convince. They are very friendly and approachable by nature. Hence, you should be confident enough to go to her and talk to her. It is really okay if you flirt crazily with her, they don’t mind. She is surely not going to approach you directly. You should also be able to handle her dual sides. At one moment she will be laughing with a childlike zeal and the other moment she will become serious and reserved. You should know how to handle her dual nature for sure.  Compliment her how witty and intelligent she is. Let her know that you are aware how creative and resourceful you are. Soon, she will be willing to come close to you.  You should also know that she can be immature at times and you should be able to take all the tantrums she is going to throw. These girls are curious and adventurous. They will never be at one place. Create a mystery around them which will force them to explore more about you. She is always looking for new adventures in her life. Find out a similar hobby and surprise her every time you meet her. If you are taking her out for a dinner, don’t repeat the places you go as she may easily get bored. In fact plan a surprise road trip, a scary movie together or just take her to a museum. Show them that you are intelligent trough your gestures, decisions and conversations. The important thing to win her over is to make sure you keep her guessing, because if she is bored and tired with you, she is also done with you.


Famous Gemini Personalities- Iggy Azalea, Angelina Jolie, Kate Upton, Mary Kate Olsen.


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