Leo Woman & How To Attract Them!

Leo Woman-

A Leo woman is the type of woman who is always surrounded by admirers and undivided attention. They are blessed with natural charm and beauty. They are very bubbly and always brimming with energy. They are intelligent and witty at the same time. They possess a great sense of humor to back it up with. They have this innate ability to light up the surrounding with their natural aura and charm wherever they go.  They do have a tendency to get arrogant and proud sometimes but from deep down they are very kind and generous.  Leo woman is ruled by the sun. Hence you will always find them gracious, devoted, sympathetic and bright. They are actually the alpha females amongst all the zodiac signs. They are highly confident about themselves and they don’t seek for others approval. They have highly opinionated and they will do anything to put forwards their views and opinions. The lioness element in them makes them a bit temperamental and moody. Apart from that, they are totally adorable and surely one of the best people to hang out with. Through their sheer warmth and charm they can draw people towards themselves. They are very fair and just and will not tolerate any sort of injustice or misbehavior. They are loyal and protective and they possess all the ingredients of a best friend. Even as moms they are highly liberal and open minded allowing their children to pursue whatever they want.

How to attract a Leo Woman-

To win a Leo woman’s heart is very tough and they don’t fall for anyone easily. To attract them, you literally need to stand out from the crowd. They are always surrounded by people, hence you need to mix up and socialize with lots of people rather being an introvert. You also need to understand a female Leo’s heart. A Leo woman likes originality, show her you are unique and floor her with your genuineness. A gentleman who is chivalrous at the same time will also woo her a lot. Open the doors for her, let her take the lead first, do minor gestures to make her feel special. She will notice such gestures very quickly and get attracted towards you. You should also be willing to socialize and do adventures a lot. This woman not only loves partying but they also love exploring new places and cultures. Surprise her by taking her to a happening club and also invite her friends or simply take her to a road trip or an adventure park. A Leo woman will always look for a guy who is a level above the ordinary guys. Try to be neat, clean and well dressed all the time. Smell nice and strive to have a fit body. Occasionally also show her how passionate and sensual you are with your minor gestures, touch and healthy flirt. Be confident, socialize, dress well and make her feel special. She will be attracted towards you and will be willing to spend more time with you.

Famous Leo Personalities- Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Madonna, Cara Delvighne


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